Friday, May 1, 2015

The Best of the Best

So because during the month of February I was a cruel and evil person and made y'all only pick ONE favorite book boyfriend of all time. I had no issue with this, Zsadist is my BAE and he knows it. To make up for my cruelty I wanted to revisit your collection of top book boyfriends. As many or as few as you want...psh, let's be serious, few? Get real. I have a list and a fun way to introduce them. Without further ado...

Hot Man of the Month
Jonah Marks from Asking For It
Corporal Thorne from A Lady by Midnight

Book Boyfriends Mentioned
Julian from Stir Me Up
Gray from Unraveled
Wrath from Dark Lover
Rule from Rule
Marcus from It Happened One Autumn
Dallas from Beyond Control
Gage from Sugar Daddy
Iain from The Secret
Simon from Secrets of a Sumer Night
Liam from Ruthless People
Aleks from The Professional
Dominic from The Boleyn King
Josh Bennett from The Sea of Tranquility
Kinglsey from The Original Sinners
Alexander from The Bronze Horseman
Nash from Nash
Zsadist from Lover Awakened

Who are YOUR favorite book boyfriends?!


  1. "Zsadist is my bae." -- I expect nothing less from you, and neither does he. The day that this changes is seriously going to turn my world upside down. (And I effectively made myself want to reread Dark Lover and Lover Awakened and Lover Reborn and The King. I also still need to read The Shadows. Damn, those BDB men! *fans self*)

    "Wrath - King, huge, vampire, hot." -- You forget to add "Alexa's man". I'm just saying. Love the random sounds before and after you talk about him ;)

    I also love that you point out to all your viewers how much I will love some of your men. Because hello, those guys are EVERYTHING. Just saying <3

  2. THIS IS GREAT. though i only know very few of these i love your words, your very evident type ;) and the ending. JULIAN <3 <3


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