Friday, July 31, 2015

I Hate That I Love You So Much

If you've been here before you know how much I love hate-to-love relationships. The angry banter. The angry sex. The angry everything. I've got a bit of a temper myself *cough* so when I get to read about characters screaming at each other and then kissing the shit out of each other my heart grows three sizes. These are my favorite hate-to-love book boyfriends. What are yours?!

Hate to Love
These guys make you crazy with rage...and also lust...and then hopefully love

The Original Sinners by Tiffany Reisz

I'm not sure there is a characters in literature that I've read that I love to hate as much Soren. Well, let me rephrase that, I LOVE him. He has always fascinated me. His professional versus personal life are so at odds with one another that you can't help but want to crack into the soul of this big, blonde giant. Many readers I have come to discover are terrified of him--as they should be, a healthy dose of fear is good--but also 'hate' him. I love him. I love the torture he reigns down on Nora and Kingsley and I can't get enough of it. IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THES BOOKS STOP EVERYTHING AND DO IT NOW. *cough* Okay, I'm good. 

Son of Shadows by Juliet Marillier

Oh, Bran. You hardass, you. Bran is not an easy man to like let alone love. He is the quintessential brooder. He is closed-off, brave, the leader of a band of rag tag outlaws. He gives zero fucks. He is exactly the type of book boyfriend I love. The tough cookies. The hidden teddy bears. The ones who hate the world and do whatever they want whenever. He is such an asshole with his uncaring attitude that you can't help but wanna bash him over the head with something and then kiss it to make it better. Him and Liadan are amazing together and I love to hate Bran.

Rome by Jay Crownover

Rome is an asshole. I mean, complete and total douche bag meanie Captain No-Fun. Just out of the Army Rome is pissed at the world and he takes it out on those who love him. Cora does some interesting *ahem* beer therapy on him and it is so deserved. I loved watching his layers peel themselves away to the very tender-hearted man underneath. *sigh*

Destroy Me by Tahereh Mafi

Y'all. I just cannot tell you how much I love Warner. Because if I had to name any character in the YA world that people hate most I'm pretty sure this man would take the cake...and then share it with me. Warner is...complicated. Manipulative, scheming, conniving, selfish and oh so much more than that. He gives you what he wants you think and we all fall for it perfectly. He doesn't let people see the real him, his true intentions, his true self, but when he does show it...*phew* watch your panties ladies because they are about to disintegrate. Warner's hate to love gauge is on another level and I love all facets of him. Even the mushy ones.

Lover Awakened by JR Ward

While Zsadist is my BAE now, when I first met him in Dark Lover, I legit texted Betty and said, "who the fuck is this psycho? People like him?!" Seriously. My first impression of Z is that of a complete psychopath. Aw, look at that! He and I have our very own hate to love relationship. I clearly don't have to tell you people to back away once again...back up...keeping going...MINE. K, thanks. Zsadist is and always will be my number one because he's just...him. He's that amazing combination of strength and vulnerability. Not realizing all the love he has in him to give and all the love he is capable of receiving. Like I said before, mine. Kindly keep walking, k thanks.

Hot Man of the Month
Matt Reed
Maybe Matt's Miracle by Tammy Faulkner

Oh, my gosh!! I cannot stop thinking about Matt!! Seriously. Book boyfriend HANGOVER!! I want to re-read the book just to get more of Matt and he is SO not my usual type of book boyfriend! While he is big and broad shouldered with longer blonde hair and tattoos and piercings, he is way too good of a person. LOL. Seriously, he is the opposite of hate to love. He is a kind and generous person who loves people. Oh, my god this will so be the type of guy I marry aka my exact opposite. I mean....okay, fine I'll take somebody like Matt any day of the week because bubba bubba. If you haven't read this series you need to!


  1. I just get all giddy seeing Bran mentioned on this list! I love him. Also, your description of Rome just makes me THAT much more excited to meet him! I mean, seriously, he already sounded like someone I'd love, and you've just made that much clearer to me ;) And obviously, Z. I can't imagine a list without him on it when you're talking about hate-to-love!

  2. How have I only read one off this list?! Completely agree regarding Z! Total psycho vibes when we first meet him! But <333 :)

    ps my book bangin is coming i swear, haha

    -Wendy @ Book Scents


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