Monday, August 3, 2015

Take Me To Texas

Welcome to my week long Travis extravaganza!!! And by extravaganza I mean I am giving you my reviews of all the books in the Travis series by Lisa Kleypas in eager anticipation of the final book coming out next week--NEXT WEEK!!! I was fashionably late to all the amazing that is the Travis family. And ironically enough, while the series is named after the Travis family, 3 out of the 4 books are narrated not by members of the family but by the women who fall in love with them. The exception is the second book because Haven is the sole female in this family and each book is narrated by the female of the relationship.

Anyways. I can't speak enough good things about this series. While I love the men in these books--and trust me, I LOVE the men--it is the women who make these books what they are. They are strong and vulnerable. Each fiercely independent and unique in their own beautiful way. I just...can't even being to verbalize how these books have affected me. To give you any indication, I read the first three books almost back to back in April of this year...and 2 months later I reread the whole series and fell even more in love. And I may or may not have already re-read the fourth book that's not even out yet...don't YOU judge ME, OKAY!!

I hope you'll stick around for my week of intense and deep love I have for this series! And quick FYI, hands off Gage, that one's mine! Huge shoutout and EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to Alexa who rec'd me this series because it became an instant favorite! Stay tuned for more love!


  1. I just discovered this series this year too! I really enjoyed it and didn't even know the last one was coming out soon. So thanks for that lol.

  2. Well, as long as I can have Hardy, we'll be fine! And I'm so, so happy that you loved the Travis series. It's seriously one of my favorite contemporary series, and now *I* want to reread!

  3. But I love Gage too!!! :) I'm so happy I started reading the Travis series! I need to read smooth talking stranger still! :)

    -Wendy @ Book Scents


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