Monday, October 26, 2015

Choose Your Choice {Book Boy Roulette}

Once upon a time...we--Alexa, Rachel and Hannah, and I--were all texting about the men of Sarah J. Maas. As you might know, it's almost impossible to choose a favorite... but we definitely each have one. In arguing our case, we realized how much fun it was to compare our taste in book boys. And so, we bring you Book Boy Roulette. We're looking at several series with some seriously swoonworthy guys and forcing ourselves to pick ONE favorite from each. There are 12 series total - three on each of our blogs - and we'll share why we picked our favorites for the three series featured on our post.

My series that are featured in this post are The Grisha series by Leigh Bardugo, The Marked Men by Jay Crownover, and the Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward. None of those should come as any surprise to anybody because duh. Without further are who our favorites are...

Mal Oretsev
I love Mal because he's real. He is flawed and imperfect and makes mistakes but that's what makes me love him. I love his devotion to Alina and while it takes him awhile to get there and realize his feelings, when he loves he goes all in. The end of Shadow and Bone makes my heart swoon every time. Every.Single.Time.

Nash Donovan
Just seeing Nash's name makes my heart beat faster. He is my number 2 book boyfriend OF ALL TIME and that is saying A LOT when you all know how much I love my book boyfriends. Nash is quiet yet commanding. That dragon tattoo over his whole back and head, holy fucking hotness, Batman. Add in that septum piercing, fuggedaboutit. I once went out with a guy solely because he had tons of tattoos and a septum piercing AND he was in the Navy (just like Phil), so I secretly hoped he would be my real life Nash Donovan...sadly, I'm still single and that guy was an asshole but I'm not losing hope! What I love most about Nash is his kindness. He is badass to the bone but his heart is beautiful. When he takes Saint on "right of passage" dates that she missed out on in high school, my heart almost couldn't take it. I would looooooove for somebody to do that for me and this is why I love this book because there is so much I can relate to and yeah, let's just say I'm still waiting for my own Nash Donovan. 

*le sigh* Zsadist is my BAE. If you really need me to verbalize and go into detail as to why he is my number one of all time then you do not belong on this blog. I kid, I kid! Kinda. But for real, I have loved Z since I got to know him, not when I met him because he comes off as a fucking psychopath, and there is no doubt in my mind he will forever by hellren, my BAE, and my number one book boyfriend...OF ALL TIME. The struggle is not real, there is no question to my deep soul love for him. All you others back the fuck off. 

To answer the final question of who my number 1 favorite book boyfriend is of all time? I think we already established that...see above :)

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And we want to hear from you! 
Do you agree with our choices... or does another fella have your heart?

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  1. Let's please discuss how I am the ONLY person who chose Nikolai for the Grisha trilogy. Because I love me some Sturmhond and will happily lay claim to him since none of y'all want him ;) Also, seeing my beloved Jet & Wrath up here makes me feel all warm and fuzzy <3


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