Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tempted By An Author // An Interview with Lauren Smith {And Giveaway}

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Lauren Smith. Hugh. Massive. The Gilded Cuff series is a fav! Her historical romances are also freaking fantastic. On the historical romance note, she has a new novella that just recently released, Tempted By A Rogue. In honor of that, myself, Alexa, and Rachel--also big historical romance fans--are celebrating by having a quick fire Q&A with Lauren! 

Welcome to Belle of the Literati, Lauren!! Thank you so much for stopping by and I am SO excited to ask you some burning questions!! If you could time travel to a time in history to live out your own romance novel, when would it be?

I would love to go to the late Victorian era, the 1880s because they were relatively modern, but old school enough to be fun! I especially love the gowns. I’m a big fan of the shape and colors that bustle gowns come in. I think I may have lived in that period of time in a past life *wink.

You have a LOT of amazing heroines and equally hot heroes between all your books, both historical and contemporary. Which two of your characters who aren't in the same book/series could you see (or would want to see) having the potential for a romantic relationship? (Part of your answer better not be Emery because that ass is mine ;) ) 

Now that is a really fun question! I think Lucien from His Wicked Seduction, my Regency bad boy with a hint of a dominant side would really go well with Hayden, the sassy submissive heroine from my contemporary The Gilded Cage. A couple of redheads would make a fire in bed, don’t ya think?

One of the things I love most about your books are your heroines and how real you make them. They have positive yet realistic body images and are not size zeroes. First of all, thank you. Second, was there ever a particular reading moment that inspired you to ensure your female characters were real women with real curves and real flaws but still loved themselves?

The reading moment I had that probably inspired me to write realistic female characters was actually reading a lot of books where the heroines were thin with boy-like figures. I remember reading that and feeling a little frustrated because first of all, a lot of women have curves, we’re sort of built that way genetically in order to make childbirth easier. And a lot of men like those curves, so we shouldn’t be ashamed of them. I’m not saying women with beautiful willowy thin figures shouldn’t be happy with their bodies, they totally should because they look great in clothes! But I think that us curvy girls deserve some love too, especially with hot heroes on the pages of our favorite books! So I write to give every girl a voice, no matter what size, because we’re all beautiful and we all deserve to be loved by a sexy, wonderful man.

This is the home of Book Bangin' so I ask every author who graces my blog with this question...who is your number one book boyfriend?

Knight from Kristen Ashley’s Knight. Man, he’s a fine hunk of man. He’s just dominate, possessive, jealous, and oh so perfect! If you have read about Knight, you need to. He’ll be your next crush! 

Thank you SO much for your time Lauren! I loved having you and your answers are amazing! Don't forget to check out Tempted By a Rogue!
The rogue’s temptation would be her undoing…

Gemma Haverford knows exactly who she will marry: James Randolph, the man she’s had a secret understanding with for the last eleven years. With every letter written between them while he's been off at sea, their love has grown. Now they will be reunited with his return to England.

There’s just one problem. The man whose words she'd fallen in love with isn’t James at all…

Jasper Holland, a gentleman rogue of the first order, is trapped. Talked into a scheme by his best friend, he pretended to be James for eleven years as he wrote to Gemma, even though he'd promised James he’d break it off. But now with his return to England, his secret will come out—and he’ll lose the one woman he can’t live without.

What began as a game of words, now becomes a game of hearts, and Jasper will pay any price to call Gemma his.
If you haven't already make sure you check out Rachel and Alexa's interviews as well!!
AND don't forget the giveaway below!! May the odds be ever in your favor!
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  1. I loved the interview with Lauren Smith.

  2. I enjoyed the interview! I also appreciate real woman in books, since I am not perfect either lol I was wondering what we are supposed to type in the free entry. Thanks for the giveaway. :)


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