Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fire and Ice

New Adult Contemporary Romance
358 // 297
Publication Date
February 14, 2015 // April 28, 2015 
The Deal
"I fight back laughter. 'As you wish.' 
'Did you really just Princess Bride me?' 
'Did you really just use Princess Bride as a verb?'"

This series came as a hug surprise to me. Steph recommend this book to me, especially after I LOVED Claimed, but y'all know me and my TBR, I don't add books lightly. But guys... I didn't move once I started this book. I mean, I started this book after working a 12.5 hour shift and I legit didn't stop reading until I was done around 1230 am. I. Could. Not. Stop. Elle Kennedy's writing is so fluid and engaging that she is the Queen of 'Just One More Chapter' because you just HAVE to know what's going to happen next. 

The Deal is about Garrett and Hannah. Garrett is a hockey player at Briar and...persuades Hannah into tutoring him. Her end of THE DEAL--see what I did there--is he is going to try and get her a date with another guy. Obviously things go awry once they spend time together. Dudes. The chemistry and banter is on another level. It's so funny and sarcastic and smart. And then there are emotions. Hannah had something traumatic happen to her in the past but it never felt cliche or used solely for a plot point as is easy to happen with romances but that was never the case. It's wasn't a huge melodramatic affair and I appreciated Hannah's self-awareness and maturity. Garrett was SO understanding and vulnerable and just uh-may-zing with her. She, in turn, was there for him with his own past. I thought the give and take of this relationship was perfection. 

I loved this book, I cannot wait to read the next one because LOGAN!!!!!!!!! *ALL THE HEARTS IN ALL THE EYES*

The Mistake
"First and foremost—be confident. 
Second—be spontaneous. 
Third—the only opinion that matters is your own."

I loved The Deal, as you see above, and I hesitated on The Mistake only because I found it hard to believe I could love this book even close to how much I loved The Deal. *insert foot in mouth* I think I loved it more. After reading The Deal, I knew Logan was my man. It was a feeling. I was not wrong. John Logan. You have my heart. You stole it from Garrett as a defender steals a puck--hahahaha I don't even know if that makes sense in the hockey world but I wanted to go there. Anyways! I was hooked into Logan and Grace's story almost immediately. I adored Grace. Her drive and intelligence engaged me immediately with her limited bullshit for her drunk friends. Girl after my own heart. And then her vulnerability won me over completely. Logan was equal parts incredible and incredible asshole. Grace and Logan meet and have a great connection, drama happens because Grace's friends suck ass, and Logan saves the day. *cue the fucking SWOON holy fucking hell*

After that Logan makes THE MISTAKE--*smirk*--and Grace 100% understandably shuts down and spends the summer with her mother in Paris. Work bitch! Logan vows to win Grace back the next school year and the hoops she has him jump through are fucking hilarious. He does not give up and his tenacity to win her back is so fun to read. I loved that he knew he fucked up, he suffered, he saw the total fault in his way of thinking, and did something about it. I think Grace making him work for it was so awesome. She was hurt and I completely agree that taking him back after that would be really hard. How Kennedy paced this book was on point. I cannot say enough or verbalize intelligently how much I loved this book and how engaged I was in the story. It was so sexy and the romantic chemistry between Logan and Grace was on another level. I definitely had to fan myself and I won't lie, I'm with Grace, I am 100% a football girl and have no interest in hockey...but fuck if I didn't google image hot hockey players and contemplated turning on ESPN to see if a game was on. FOR REAL! 

This book is sweet, sexy, sarcastic, and all things swoony. If you haven't read this series yet, you HAVE to put it on your TBR.

If you love stories with strong female characters, endearing hockey players, and sassy banter...this series is for you.


  1. YES! Great reviews! The Deal is one of my favorite of this year and now I can't wait for book 3!

  2. Ohh, I've been seeing these books mentioned a lot lately! I'm curious about The Deal (though I'm not much of a hockey girl), and seeing that you loved it makes me want to read it too!

  3. The banter is what got me in the first book. It's so well done! That sucked me right in. And I agree with strong female characters. I love that they don't let people walk all over them! I cannot wait for The Score!


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