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Thou Shall Not Covet

"I'm not saying you're mine...I just wish you were."
--JR Ward, Covet

Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Signet
Pages: 474
Publication Date: October 29th, 2009
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Goodreads Description 

Seven deadly sins. Seven souls to save. This is the first battle between a savior who doesn't believe and a demon with nothing to lose!

Redemption isn't a word Jim Heron knows much about—his specialty is revenge, and to him, sin is all relative. But everything changes when he becomes a fallen angel and is charged with saving the souls of seven people from the seven deadly sins. And failure is not an option.

Vin DiPietro long ago sold his soul to his business, and he's good with that-until fate intervenes in the form of a tough-talking, Harley-riding, self-professed savior. And then he meets a woman who will make him question his destiny, his sanity, and his heart—and he has to work with a fallen angel to win her over and redeem his own soul.

Guys…GUYS! You all KNOW how much I love JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. They are family. Zsadist is my BAE and hellren and JR is my mother-in-law, shit is serious. I’m always hesitant to start a new book or series by a beloved author only because I feel like a failure if I don’t like it. It would break my heart. So I put off Covet for a while. *insert kicking myself here* I loved it. I’m not just saying that. I LOVED IT. Like I thought about it at work because I couldn’t wait to pick it back up! The romance *siiiiiiiigh* was SO amazing! Holy shit, it was so fucking romantic I had tears in my eyes. But let’s back up. Jim Heron is a man with an extensive military background who find himself being propositioned by Angels to help guide seven souls into the right direction as to decide the battle between Heaven and Hell. Badass, right? Jim totally is this. I loved his characterization and his struggle to figure out what the right path is and what is the right thing to do.

His first charge and soul is Vincent diPietro. Uber wealthy, rough childhood, doesn’t really care about anybody. He’s about to be engaged to a woman he doesn’t even love…and then Jim enters his life and he meets Marie-Terese. Marie-Terese has fallen on ridiculously hard times and has had to do the unthinkable in order to provide for her son and pay off debts aka become a prostitute at The Iron Mask—yes, THAT Iron Mask. She hates herself for having to do it and this is a point of struggle for her. When she meets Vin she gets *feelings* and she doesn’t like it. It reminds her too much of her awful ex-husband and she fights it tooth and nail. But some fights you just lose. The slow-burn relationship between Vin and Marie-Terese is just…beautiful. It’s beautiful, you guys. I just had so much emotion while reading because he’s so tender with her and understanding and I just got her hesitation and belief that he was way too good to be true. I liked that she struggled with trusting him because it felt so realistic. I just adored them. And how she is with her son broke my heart in the best way. She is the best mother around and what she sacrifices for her son just warms my heart. She is amazing and I loved her and I loved her with Vin and I loved Vin with her. They’re just perfect.

The world is set in Caldwell with the battle between good and evil being decided as Jim works his way through souls. I cannot wait to see where he goes after this and damn myself for not having the next book. Remedying this immediately. The only thing I’m sad about is I want more Vin and Marie-Terese! But…another book, another couple, and I can’t wait!
It Ended...
I wanted more of Vin and Marie-Terese!! SO. MUCH. MORE. Where is my novella, JR?! WHERE IS IT?!?! Give me something more! I need more! *deep breath* I'm cool. I'm good. But I'm not sorry. 
If you love JR Ward, romantic relationships, and redemption...this book's for you.

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  1. The quote you included is enough to make me want to check this one out already! But seriously, this sounds like another great series from her, and I can't wait to give it a go... when I catch up on BDB ;)


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