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{Time Travel To} Romanov Russia

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Hey guys! Alexa, Hannah, and I are back from another edition of Time Travel To to celebrate our love for historical fiction! Each post will highlight a historical place, time period, or event that we find particularly interesting. We'll be posting on the same day but most likely each choosing a different period to highlight. Be are to check out their posts as well! In each post, we'll tell you why we love a time period (Departure), recommend a few books we love (In Transit) and share some from that time period on our TBR (Arrival). Be sure to let me know below what your favorite time periods are!

For today's discussion, I chose to highlight Imperial Russia, specifically the Romanov family, obviously pre-Russian Revolution. Many people are fascinated by the Romanov family. The last Czar. The fall of the monarchy. The rising up of the common people. It's as horrifying as it is fascinating if we're all being perfectly honest. The mystery of what really happened to the Romanov family has haunted historians for decades. While it's almost certain their ending was met in the form of a firing squad in Yekaterinburg, the details will forever be slightly obscure. I, like many others, fell in love with the Romanovs as all young girls do...after watching Anastasia. Because what little girl DOESN'T want to discover that they're a lost Duchess? I do! I still do! Alexa jokes even today that I'm a lost Russian Duchess. The struggle is real. Regardless of knowing their tragic outcome, I love this time period. The dresses, the jewels, the ballrooms, the palaces, I love it all!

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The Royal Diaries: Anastasia by Carolyn Meyer: I read this approximately a thousand times growing up and I was obsessed with Anastasia. After watching the movie on repeat, reading this book until the spine was broken, I was a girl with a newfound love of history. I love my family but it didn't stop me from fantasizing about discovering I, too, was a long lost Duchess of the Russian Imperial family. I can't wait to have kids just so I can share this book with them. {Goodreads}

Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert K Massie--I actually haven't finished this yet, I'm about halfway through but I love it. It is non-fiction but reads like fiction. I cannot believe how intriguing and interesting it is to read about how Nicholas and Alexandra ended up together and what a fox Nicholas was in his youth, rawr. It saddens me that it's only going to go downhill from where I am now but I'll boldly continue on. {Goodreads}

Tsarina by J. Nelle Patrick--This is a YA book with some magical realism involved in 'what could have been if...' kind of way. It was an enjoyable read because I'll take any excuse I can to be with the Romanovs and back in Russia. It's a fun read if you're looking for a different twist set in that time period.  {Review}

A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray--Another YA book that doesn't really give a good history lesson but I added this because in this book alternate universes are the hot topic, especially traveling to them. The main character in this book finds herself in an alternate universe if the monarchy never fell and Tsars still ruled Russia. There are no Romanovs to speak of but, again, the dresses, the jewels, the palaces, it's all present and I loved every second of it. {Review}

The Romanov Sisters by Helen Rapport--I love this idea of this book focusing on just the Romanov sisters and their lives. I cannot wait to read this book containing just their story and their relationship. Growing up with two sisters is close enough and I can't wait to get my hands on this one! {Goodreads}

The Romanovs: The Final Chapter by Robert K Massie--Another Massie book is on my TBR because I already love the one I'm currently reading. His writing style jives with me and I'm morbidly fascinated with the final days of the Romanov family. The circumstances leading up to the Revolution and what happens to them is something so tragically interesting to me. I'm really looking forward to this one but I'll have to guard my heart before going in. {Goodreads}

Have you read any books about Imperial Russia?
Have you dreamed of being a long lost Russian Duchess?

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  1. I need to catch up on my non-fiction reading for this particular time period! Because who doesn't want more Romanovs in their life? I think their story is so, so fascinating and sad. I've been curious about them since I first watched Anastasia and would happily read MORE.


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