Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sexy Times For The Win // Kelly's List of Love Stories

This may or may not be the post you've been waiting for from me. True to form, this post is about the sexy times. While there is still romance and tender moments, these are my favorite contemporary romances and what a lot of these books have in common is their ability to make you sweat...and fan yourself...and if look around if you're reading in public. Don't be fooled by their sex appeal though, if I'm recommending these books it also means they have a lot of emotional meat in them as well. I need more in my romances than just sexy time, I need heart as well. These have both. 

Changing His Game & Playing For Her Heart by Megan Ericsson // Megan Erickson is not only one of my newest friends but an AMAZING author as well. Her romance novels strike me on such a deep level EVERY time I read one of them. There is always something I connect with and her Gamers series is no exception. First of all, hot nerds. YES, I said that right. Super nerdy, intelligent, slightly socially awkward in the most endearing way, nerds. Male and female. It is AMAZING! Cosplay sex, you guys. COSPLAY SEX! *hearts in eyes* *drool on floor* {Changing HIs Game Review and Playing For Her Heart Review}

Rule by Jay Crownover // The first book in the Marked Men series brings us Rule and Shaw who are my favorite OG couple. Their hate to love long standing relationship is ripe with banter and sexual tension. I don't even need to go into detail about their tattoos and pierced get my drift *smirk face* {Review}

Dark Lover by JR Ward // Another OG couple, the Black Dagger Brotherhood series is family to me. Zsadist and Bella may be my favorite but Beth and Wrath hold a special place in my heart. Their devotion to one another and their hotter than hot sexual chemistry is amazing. The entire BDB series is one I recommend for romance lovers everywhere.  {Review}

The Deal & The Mistake & The Score by Elle Kennedy // The Off-Campus series has quickly and immediately become one of my favorite series EVER! The dialogue and chemistry that Elle Kennedy gives us with each couples is so amazing. I can't even describe how good these books are. The Deal is about Garrett and Hannah who start off as unwilling allies as he needs a tutor and she needs help getting the attention of another guy and you can imagine the hilarity that ensues from there. The Mistake is an amazing story about Logan and Grace who get off to a ridiculously adorable and romantic as fuck start only to have things derailed. Watching Logan get his way back into her good graces--see what I did there?--is so funny and heartfelt I read it in one sitting. Well, okay I read all of these in one sitting, whatever. The Score is the newest and might be overall my favorite but it's kinda like picking favorite children because I love them all. Dean and Allie are on another level of hot. They are sexually adventurous and I love how openly they talked about sex and what they wanted. It is brilliant. This series is a MUST read if you love sexy and swoony stories. OH and hot hockey platers. It's a win for everyone involved, really. {The Deal Review & The Mistake Review & The Score Review}

Midnight Action by Elle Kennedy // One author. Two words. Elle Kennedy. Hate sex. Hate sex in ABUNDANCE! This is the fifth book of her romantic suspense series and the slow burn between Jim and Noelle is on.another.level. Really, the entire series is phenomenal, this is just a particular favorite. First book is Midnight Rescue because you HAVE to check out this series. Female assassins meet male mercenaries. Huzzah! 

Sustained by Emma Chase // The hilarity of this novel knows no bounds. Jake's POV is selfish but hilarious as he tries to wade thought the McQuaid Monsters after Chelsea assumes guardianship of her six nieces and nephews. This book is hilarious and heartfelt and I love this entire series but Sustained holds a special place in my heart. {Review}

Make It Count by Megan Ericsson //  This book, you guys. THIS BOOK has the SEXIEST dance scene and acute sexual tension I have read in a long time. I could feel the sexual chemistry between Alec and Kat. So much so that I had to message Megan while reading fangirl'ing the shit out of that scene. It is just so funny, so witty, so banter-y, and so, so SEXY.  

Beyond Shame & Beyond Control by Kit Rocha // These books are not for the faint of heart. They are dystopian erotica and are dirty as all hell. So they are some of my favorites. The first two books of the series are my favorite. Noelle enters Sector 4 in Beyond Shame as an exile from the posh Eden and this world of sex and debauchery is brand new to her. How to adapts and opens her mind to sexual freedom is fan-fucking-tastic. Beyond Control focuses on the King and Queen of Sector 4, Dallas and Lex. My FAVORITES! They are so hot and cold that the hate and love they share leaps off the page! If you can handle the sexy, you need to read these. {Beyond Shame Review & Beyond Control Review}

The Professional by Kresley Cole // Hot Russian mafiyoso meets hot unknown daughter of the head of the mafiyoso. There is hot as fuck BDSM lifestyle involvement not to mention a sauna scene that I still think about today. Hotachacha. {Review}

Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren // One of my first sexy reads, this is an OG favorite. The snark, banter, and continuous hate sex that Chloe and Bennett is on another level. {Review}

Reasonable Doubt by Whitney G // This book is as hilarious as it is hot. In a twist of misdirection identity, the hero and heroine start off to a rocky start. Aubrey takes zero shit from the cocky son of a bitch that is Andrew and it is a wild and hilarious ride the whole way through. 

Asking For It by Lilah Pace // One of my absolute FAVORITE books of last year, this book will not be for everyone. It deals with rape fantasy and is so well done. More than that, it is one of the hottest books I have ever read. Have a cold shower or a glass of ice water to douse yourself're gonna need it. {Review}

Claimed by Elle Kennedy // As we continue on our hot journey, Claimed was a surprise read of last year that blew me away. Adult dystopian erotica, the free love and open sexuality these characters love to flaunt is something I am all about. This first book is filthy as all hell in the best ways. I can see this being a favorite series of mine and Elle Kennedy can do no wrong. {Review}

Racing the Sun by Karina Halle // Few authors can combine love and travel as well as Karina Halle. She is the master. Amber runs out of money on her world tour and ends up in Capri as a nanny to a hermit man who is the sole guardian to his two younger siblings. The tension is tight but the payoff is worth ever second of it. And who doesn't wanna daydream about falling in love in Italy? {Review}

Stir Me Up by Sabrina Elkins // A fantastic mix of feelings, personal discovery, and the sexiest of times. A wounded Marine comes home down a leg and down in the dumps. His new stepsister is having none of his shitty attitude and from there sparks fly. It's a great combination of sweet and sexy. {Review}

Unraveled by Jen Frederick // If you love dirty talk, this book needs to be on your radar. A Marine on leave and an Army widow make for a very compelling read. Emotional and sexy, this book is hot as hell but there is a lot of personal healing involved, too. {Review}

That's all she wrote!
What books are you excited to swoon over?
In case you choices for infamous Epic Romances & my favorite forbidden romances in The Struggle Is Real!
Happy Valentine's Day, lovers!


  1. ♥ this post! I love the Off Campus series!! I still really want to read Asking For It, but it is high on my TBR.

    I also really need to read something by Megan Erickson because I keep hearing rave reviews!!

  2. I honestly just need to binge read the next two Off-Campus books after falling head over heels in love with The Deal (which is probably my favorite NA of all time). Love these recommendations!! <3


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