Monday, March 7, 2016

Is This Wanderer Lost?

Hi friends! So it's been awhile since I've actually posted what I'm going to be talking about today but the reason ties into the purpose of this post. When I started this blog it was strictly book reviews and as I got more involved in the book blogging world ideas for discussion posts, different features for my blog and the like came about. Some ideas worked, some didn't. Some ideas I really just got too lazy to continue with if I'm being honest. But more than anything, the past year or so I've really wanted to incorporate more of myself into the blog. I really enjoy reading other blogger's 'real life' updates and posts and seeing other things they're passionate about and I wanted to do the same. 

One of my other huge passions in life is traveling. If you've been here before or know me you already know this. It took me a long time to try and figure out how to incorporate my love of traveling into a serial type post. What I came up with was what once was a weekly post entitled 'Adventures in the Great Wide Somewhere' where I talked about a different place or city I've visited with the highlights and ending it with a rating system of whether or not you should add this location to your list of travel destinations. I was really excited about it! I got to talk about my personal experiences while traveling, included pictures, and gave you my honest opinion about the place. But for whatever reason, it didn't get a lot of love! Color me Sadness. It didn't get a lot of comments which is fine, really. I don't value my blog based on the amount of comments I get, I don't care but I didn't get a lot of positive feedback at all really.

So,  my purpose for writing this post is by no means looking for pity praise or fishing for compliments, I want to ask a question and I'm looking for honest answers. Did you like these posts? I'm going to link a few below so you can check them out in case you haven't before but further than did you like them is, do I need to change it up? Would you rather have me just feature a city each week with a bunch of pictures? Let's be honest, that's the easy way out and I will have NO PROBLEM doing this but sometimes people want more text. Would you like a list of activities--with lots of pictures--I did and a yay or nay on whether they were worth doing or not? More of a short and simple approach. Here's a ton of pictures, I did this-yay, this-yay, and this-nay. 

I would really love some feedback on this. I love traveling so incredibly much and I love to talk about what I've done and where I've been and share my experiences with y'all, if you want it! Here are some examples of what I did previously...

So let me know! I would love to continue doing travel posts of any and all kinds so I'm completely open into giving you what you want to read...if anything :)


  1. I love reading your travel posts! Since you have done so much traveling, maybe you should also share your favorite tips, travel accessories, must-haves, etc? :)

  2. I haven't actually seen your posts before (looking now) but I love that you want to add more things about YOU. I started to do this on my adult blog as well. I mean, other blogs (lifestyle, beauty, etc) incorporate so much on their blogs but it seems like if it's not books or book related, some aren't as open. (from my experience, anyway) In any case, I am going to check them out now!

  3. I love personal posts and have definitely enjoyed your travel series so far! I'm admittedly terrible about commenting most of the time, so I wanted to let you know that I really like them and hope you continue! I need to get myself off the couch to travel ASAP and they help me plan ideas :)

  4. I think that traveling is such a big part of you that you definitely should continue to incorporate it in your blog! It's always disheartening when certain posts you love or spend a lot of time on don't seem to get a big response, and that can definitely make you question if you should even bother continuing them. But I personally just think it's such a big part of you that it should be a part of your blog, as long as you enjoy writing them and sharing stories and photos of your travels (which I think you do). But if you prefer to post the easier, less-text versions, do that! I know I'm not really helping but I think the most important thing is for you to do you. :)

  5. I freaking LOVE your travel posts! They're always ones I look forward to seeing, because I like knowing your opinions and tips and experiences. It helps me feel like we're closer friends afterwards :D I'm probably going to end up telling you my thoughts in an email, but I just wanted you to know that I, for one, LOVE that you incorporate travel and definitely think you should keep doing those posts!

  6. I haven't read your travel posts yet (as I've only really just discovered your blog!) but I love travel; and I love reading about people's experiences out in the world, so yes! Please share with us all! I think like mentioned above, if it's a part of you, like books, you should include it in here too!


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