Thursday, March 31, 2016

Luck of the Irish

"She played along because after just one second, 
she'd been dying for him to kiss her again.
She'd wanted to experience the kind of passion she'd only ever read about."
--Elle Kennedy, Midnight Captive
Genre: Adult Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Signet
Pages: 368
Publication Date: June 2nd, 2015
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher
Goodreads Description 

Former CIA agent Bailey Jones has spent months trying to forget her night of passion with mercenary Sean Reilly. An elite and methodical assassin, she has no room in her life for a reckless, rule-breaking Irishman, and she’s vowed to steer clear of the tempting bad boy who lured her into his bed under false pretenses.

When Sean is implicated in the robbery of a Dublin bank, Bailey knows something isn’t right. So what if she can’t trust him? There’s no way Sean would end up on the wrong side of the law. In fact, he’s stuck in the middle of a dark and dirty conspiracy that could put his twin brother’s life at risk with one wrong move. And Bailey’s life too when she agrees to help.

As the stakes are raised and Bailey finds herself torn between two brothers, the fine line between danger and desire is crossed…and it’ll take more than a killer instinct to survive.
I won't lie, I wasn't as excited for Sean and Bailey's story. I've been foaming at the mouth for D's book since the first book but I was so wrong in my assumption because THIS book was awesome. Sean Reilly has gone back to his Irish roots to save his brother after a kidnapping and Bailey goes to help Sean. They're coerced into working for the modern day IRA and also double crossing them. There's a lot of subterfuge going on and because of that Sean and Bailey have to depend on each other and let's just say that is way out of the comfort zone for both of them.

Bailey has been on her own since 18 and even before that she's had only herself to rely on. Sean is a hothead with a temper stereotypical of an Irishman, shoots first and thinks later. They both find themselves in situations where they have needed the other to help them. *sigh* I LOVE this! I love when these strong, independent characters find themselves not only falling in love but admitting they not only want but need a partner. It is so sigh-inducing and beautiful. Bailey is totally closed off and pushes Sean away every chance she gets. Sean is pushy in a good way and doesn't hide his feelings. I adored this about him. He wasn't afraid to tell her how much she means to him and how much he wanted to be with her. His alpha overprotective ass totally won my heart and made me swoon.

The politics of this book was, as per usual, fracking awesome. I loved the IRA aspect, the Dublin setting, all of it. It was really intense seeing Sean deal both sides and Bailey playing a docile role that obviously couldn't be farther from the truth. Their dynamic together is a lot of hate/love as well which I always appreciate and love. Their moments together were explosive and tender and I loved the juxtaposition of Bailey when she would let Sean in. It took awhile, but it was hot as all hell before they got there. No complaints from me!

And now it's time for D'S BOOK!!!!!! I cannot wait!!! Stay tuned!!

Reserved Seating
If you love hate/love, Irishmen, and emotionally protective females...this book is for you.

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