Monday, April 18, 2016

Book BFF Roulette

A few months ago Alexa, Rachel, Hannah, and myself did what we called Book Boyfriend Roulette where we discussed some of our favorite book series and which book boyfriend we liked best. It was so fun and interesting to see how each of us connect different to characters and who we would want warming our bookish bed at night. Well we are back! But this time we're not talking about book boyfriends, we're talking about Book BFFs and which heroine is our fav from some of our favorite series. Welcome to Book BFF Roulette! 

For my post, I'm highlighting some of my absolute favorite heroines and book series. Those being The Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward, The Marked Men by Jay Crownover, and The Love, in English series byKarina Halle.

Look, it is absolutely no secret my love for The Black Dagger Brotherhood is on another level. They are my people. They are my family. They are MINE. I was so happy I didn't have to fight Rachel and Alexa who are also avid BDB lovers to feature them on my post. I think they also know me very well and I'm fucking crazy and would turn lesser on their ass if they tried to take it from me. But I digress. It's only part coincidence that my favorite shellan is Bella. She is Zsadist's mate and we all know how I feel about him but it's more than that she's paired off with him. It's that I found I could connect with her. She's extremely independent, self-sufficient, and strong. She takes no shit and gives zero fucks. Her push and pull with Zsadist is my absolute favorite love story of all time and I cannot say enough about how my heart beats erratically when thinking about how she is with him. If I was a lesbian or a man, I would also want to be mating Bella. It just is what it is. We also use the same shampoo weirdly enough so I like to tell myself Bella is me, heh hehe. 

Speaking of family and book characters who I really connect with and I think are me, Saint from the Marked Men is my homegirl. Her insecurities, her past, her job, with the exception of her shyness she is me in literary character. I seriously adore ALL the Marked Men women but Saint is somebody very special to my heart. Although Shaw who Alexa and Rachel both love is probably my second favorite..wait, no probably Salem...or Cora...FUCK don't make me choose, Saint is number one that's all I need to choose!

Mmmml, I swear it's more than a little ironic that I not only get to highlight some of my favorite books but ALL of these heroines I get to talk about I see myself in most. More than any other characters I've read and Vera is also one of them. Vera...Vera is my heart. When I read Love, in English for the first time there is something she says that felt like it came from the very depth of my soul and was spoken for me. I cannot explain the sense of comfort that brought me. Love, in English will forever be one of my favorite books and 90% of that reason is Vera. She is strong, independent, but vulnerable and sensitive. She is BAE. The context of the book is a little hard for people to get past but it is done SO WELL and I cannot recommend this book enough or this series. ALL THE SERIES!

Thanks for stopping by my post for Book BFF Roulette but that's not all! Don't forget to check out Alexa and Rachel's posts! Alexa is talking Travis family, Sevenwaters, and Wallflowers. Rachel is breaking down Off-Campus, Pushing the Limits, and the Lunar Chronicles! You don't want to miss our favorite ladies over there!

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  1. I love how we basically never need to argue over our favorite guys and gals in our favorite series <3 (Although even if we did have the same ones, I know you and Rach and I would happily share. Just saying!) I'm so glad you're featuring these three series because they are all so YOU. I associate them with you in my head, mostly because you were the reason I read them! <3


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