Monday, April 25, 2016

What I Love About ACOTAR

It's not secret here that I'm obsessed with any and all books by Sarah J Maas. When I read A Court of Thorns and Roses for the first time it was magical. Absolutely magical. I was drawn in to the ethereal setting, the vivid colors of the Spring Court, and the magnetic pull of true love. When I was asked to participate in the ACOTAR Readalong and make a post about why I love the book, while all those things I said were reasons why I love it, one component stood out to me the most...Feyre. Let me tell you why...

She is Selfless
Feyre are her selflessness. You all know I love my heroines and Feyre is one of my absolute favorites. One of the things all my favorite heroines have in common is their ability to put other before themselves, sometimes to a fault. Feyre sacrifices herself for her family, for her friends, and for her love. There is nothing more beautiful to me than a character who puts others before herself.

She is Fierce
Feyre is not Fae. She is human. She has had no education, nobody to teach her skills to survive, she has learned everything she knows on her own and she is a total badass when she does it. The things she does to protect those she loves and how she does it is nothing short of amazing especially considering where she comes from. Fierce doesn't begin to describe how freaking awesome she is.

She Has Heart
While she is totally badass and kicks asses and takes names, she loves. At the core of her being she loves. She sometimes doesn't realize it, she sometimes keeps her guard up for too long, and she sometimes acts like she doesn't care but she does what she does because she loves. And THIS might be my favorite thing about her. You don't have to be one end of the extreme or the other. You can be badass and fierce and love more truly than anyone. They are not mutually exclusive and I love that Sarah created a character like this. 

I could talk about my love for this book for another hour but we all have things to do but know this. Feyre is one of the most complex and deeply layered characters I have read about and I love her something fierce. If you haven't read ACOTAR yet you need to push over your TBR to do it! And don't forget if you're reading or rereading to tweet with the #ACOTARReadalong!


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