Friday, May 27, 2016

How RE-Reading RE-Energized My Blog

Belle of the Literati is home to the Re-Read Challenge but I promise you, promoting my Challenge is not the purpose of this post. The reason I created the Challenge AND the reason I'm writing this post is because I love Re-Reading. There is almost nothing greater to me than visiting a favorite book another time and reliving the magic again.

The past 3 weeks I felt inspired to re-read the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and spend some time with my (bookish) family. These characters and these books feel like home to me. I could live in these books. And while the series is a somewhat staggering 14 book commitment, it didn't bother me in the least. Were there new books I wanted to read and was excited about? Yeah. But this re-read was long overdue for most of the books and it felt amazing to decompress and just be with my favorite series.

How did it re-energize my blogging? First, I didn't have to worry about writing a review for the duration of my re-read. It was fantastic. I didn't have to use any brain power to think of witty comments about the books I read, format a review, find an eloquent way to describe my feelings for said book. It was a wonderful vacation while at the same time I was reading books that made me incredibly happy. I wouldn't say I was in a blogging slump in that I didn't re-read because I felt like I needed a break, I re-read because I wanted to. But while doing so I realized how nice it was not to worry about having to write a review and also came to the blunt realization of just how uninspired I had become.
This re-reading break also gave me extra time to work on a travel feature that I've been investing a lot more time and energy into. It's no secret I am obsessed with traveling and I love to talk about it. After a little bit of a rut with that feature I came back feeling super inspired and couldn't keep the ideas from flowing from my brain. It was the perfect complement to continuing blogging but just in a different aspect. Even though a lot inspiration was travel related, the books weren't completely ignored. After my re-reads I felt excited to get back to some new stuff and share thoughts with y'all! It was a serious blessing in disguise.

Burnout and slumps are something every blogger experiences so I thought this would be a good speaking point to people who experience this kind of burnout and something for people who are finding themselves uninspired about blogging to give this a try. While I was doing my re-reading marathon I had a ton of new ideas for both my travel feature and bookish ideas that I was foaming at the mouth to get them down in some posts. I felt super excited to sit down at my computer and work on blog posts rather than feel obligated about it. So next time you're in a slump or feeling uninspired, try going back to an old favorite to rekindle your love of reading and why you started doing this in the first place.
Do you have blogging slumps or feel uninspired?
Do you ever re-read when you do?
Does it help?
Tell me what you think below!


  1. So first I need to read this series if you love it enough to read all 14 books again because WOW. And this is by far my favorite thing to do during a slump or when I'm down or just whenever. I think I've accepted that I won't read all the books that are out there so I don't feel bad about re-reading any of my old favorites. And as you know I'm excited for more of your travel posts!

  2. Interesting. I'm SO not a re-reader. It's hard for me to spend time with a book I've already read (even if it's a favorite) when there are so many new ones to be read! I get how it can be freeing, though. Your post didn't win me over to the dark side (ha ha), but it definitely gave me some food for thought!

  3. I really want to be more deliberate about spending time re-reading! I was definitely much more of a re-reader as a child/teen, since I had such a limited amount of books accessible to me at any given time. (The library system in the Philippines could do with vast improvements, if you know what I'm saying.) As a young adult, I'm still trying to find my stride when it comes to re-reading! I always WANT to re-read, but apparently, I'm easily diverted by shiny new books - which I don't always wind up enjoying anyway. Your post is inspiring me to really think about going out of my way to make the time to re-reading old favorites, starting this summer!


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