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Adventures in the Great Wide Somewhere // Top Travel Books

The lovely Kailia requested I do a Top Ten Travel books and I was ecstatic to be asked and ridiculously excited to put this together! I asked her if she wanted books where people travel or books taking place in foreign places and she said, both! So here we are! My most favorite books about travel quite a few of which inspired me to take trips abroad!

Top 6 Books About People Traveling

Karina Halle's travel romance series I cannot recommend enough. They are some of my favorite books ever and she writes travel and locations and love like no other. The combination of all three makes this series seriously magical. Spain is the destination of this book and it's glorious. Complicated love story but so, so, so well done.

The book that made New Zealand a top five travel destination. This book absolutely brings New Zealand and all its beauty to life before your eyes. Not to mention, Halle nails the sometimes feelings of panic that accompany solo travel. Totally nails it. I was nodding my head like a crazy person when I was reading. It's perfect.

Amalfi Coast and hot Italian hermit makes for an explosive and amazingly romantic book set in Capri, Italy. Again, the setting comes to life and will make you want to book a trip to Italy yesterday.

This one is a bit of a stretch but after reading this book I definitely wanted to set foot in Oxford and France. A paranormal romance that has a couple with amazing chemistry working together in the stacks at Oxford and a chateau in France. It not only makes you want to travel but learn about the history of it as well. At least it did for me. 

A woman on the hunt to solve a family mystery, Julie Jacobs takes the trip of a lifetime to Siena, Italy and along the way finds herself traveling back in time (figuratively not literally) to the same Italian city discovering the real story of Romeo and Juliet. Seriously will make you want to visit Siena both for the current day story and the history behind it. Best of both worlds!

On an art school study abroad in Rome, Lexie starts working with Alessandro, a priest in training. She helps bring art to life for younger kids he works with and her entire time in Rome and Vatican City is engrossing. I actually read this book while in Sicily, a few days before I went to Rome and it was AMAZING!  

Top 8 Books That Take Place in Foreign Cities

There is nothing I can say more about this book than it is lifeblood. Impossible love story. A city in siege. This book brings Russian culture and the city of Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) to life to drop it directly into your heart and soul. Russia is my number one travel destination after this book. It was always high on my list after being obsessed with Anastasia since childhood but this brought it life in a very adult way.

Probably my favorite Anne Boleyn book, this is the story of Anne before she married Henry VIII. When she was a young and out of place girl looking for a place to belong. *le sigh* Really, truly, brilliantly done.

The inspiration for my trip to my homeland of Sicily, Kai Meyer brings the the small island that is the rock the boot of Italy is kicking into it's own arena. It is brutal and harsh yet beautiful. The romance is pretty badass as is the heroine. You will want to see my homeland after this book. 

A nonfiction book about Venice, this true account of the author's time in the city floating on water is phenomenal. The cast of real life characters is a little bit crazy but in the best way. It's almost like having an insider's look into this infamously beautiful city and sometimes is ugly underbelly. 

A historical fantasy set in Brittany, France when it was it's own ruling entity, this book makes the French countryside a sure future travel destination. The fictional story set here is compelling and also solidified my desire to go to this region of France.

Taking place mostly in Prague but making a few appearance in Marrakech, this book put both cities on my must-must-must see list! Prague it idyllic and impossibly romantic in both book and real life. And the markets of Marrakech are visceral as you read and yes, those marketplace dentists do truly exist in real life.

A fantasy set in historical 9th century Ireland, the love these characters feel for their homeland will give you as the reader equal pride. The country is beyond words beautiful and I cannot say enough abut how amazing this series is and how the setting is a character all on it's own. 

Chronicling the story of a young girl who becomes one of Japan's most famous geishas, this book is rich in historical fiction, vivid imagery, and an intense desire to see the cherry blossom trees in real life. Japan is still on my top travel destinations. I'll make it one day! 

Top 3 Books That Will Inspire You to Carpe Diem
Inspiring my second trip to Europe, Just One Day is a fantastic story about a girl taking her life into her own hands and carpe'ing her fucking diem. It's beautiful and heartfelt and hard at times but as with real life, totally worth it in the end. 

A totally inspiration book about a woman recently divorced taking a chance and going out of her comfort zone. Two things I love to see in characters. She signs up for a hardcore hiking/camping trek that tests not only her physical endurance but her strength in spirit. This book will inspire you to finally go after that dream you've had for years. 

The inspiration for me to start travel nursing, this book gave me one of my most favorite quotes of all time 'What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?' But really, what is it you plan to do? I plan to live the absolute fullest...and take chances...and grab life by the balls...and see the world...and one day...hopefully...share it with someone special.

What books have inspired you to travel and seize the day?


  1. Great round up! I totally agree re: A Little Too Far and those Karina Halle Books and also happy to see Just One Day!

    I would totally recommend 13 Little Blue Envelopes, Just This Once (by Rosalind James) and The Blue Bistro for travel ♥, too!!

  2. I'm going to go to Ireland sometime next fall and I'm going to try to read Daughter of the Forest when I'm there. I feel like I've read Tarnish but I have no idea for sure. I can't wait for England though!!! I am so ready to tackle the books I haven't read yet! Thank you so much for the recs!

  3. Thanks for all the great recs! I've only read one of these, so I'll be adding lots of them to my TBR mountain chain.

  4. It pleases me immensely that this post now exists in the world! I loved seeing what books you'd recommend inspired by your travels (or places you want to visit). It's kind of awesome that I've read a ton of these stories, and equally awesome that there are a few that I still have to check out! I'm personally most intrigued by A Discovery of Witches, which sounds faaaaaab.

  5. Yes! I love this. I'm glad Kailia asked you to do it! I loved all the Karina books, A Little Too Far, Just One Day and Golden. I need to check out some of the others!


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