Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Adventures in the Great Wide Somewhere // Portland, Maine {2}

My post last week about the sights of Portland got too long to include my new favorite spots to eat. I am not a foodie at all but I felt like on in this city! There were so many amazing looking restaurants and Irish bars and sweet shops that I wanted to stay for a month if only to experience all the city had to offer! One day...the place I did eat were amazing and if you guys get a chance, definitely check these places out! Your stomach will not regret it!

Portland Lobster Company
The main street lining the coast is Commercial street and here you'll multiple little shack shops of seafood. I ate at the Portland Lobster Company per Rachel's recommendation and she did not steer me wrong. Friendly service, amazing food, and a choice to sit in the sun or covered on their large patio on the water. I'm using the word perfect a lot but it was truly an afternoon I felt blessed to be alive. It just had that feeling of completion and connection with life. The whole day was amazing. But seriously. Eat here. You can sit in the sun or shade, gaze at the water, and eat uh-may-zing seafood. You really can't go wrong!

The Gorgeous Gelato
Another rec by the fabulous Rachel! This gelato shop is also in downtown Portland just one street up from the coast and it's delicious. Featuring unique flavors of gelato as well as cannoli's, this is a must stop if you're a fan of the Italian dessert. I personally had the Tiramisu (because I never not get Tiramisu) and the Sea Salt Caramel. I wasn't too impressed with the Tiramisu, a little strong on the flavor front but the Sea Salt Caramel was on another level. It was a cool night to walk around eating my treat

Old Port Slice Bar
Located on Fore Street in downtown Portland, I found this place just walking down the street and once I see pizza by the slice I know where I'm eating my next meal. With a menu of more than just pizza, Old Port Slice Bar offered a quick meal of a slice of pie that I'd been craving and a chance to rest my feet. Delicious, quick and cheap ($3.99 lunch special of a slice and soda).

Beal's Ice Cream
After pizza my afternoon was coming quickly to a close before I had to drive back home but I HAD to try this ice cream shop I walked past no less than 4 times and the smell of sugar and dairy had my eyes rolling back...and the taste was worth it. Chocolate chip cookie dough may be boring to you but it was anything but boring. Sitting on the street at a picnic table right outside was a fantastic end to my already amazing day. Cherry on top of my proverbial sundae.

East End Cupcakes
However, no visit to a new place would be complete without checking out if they have a cupcake shop. And they did! East End Cupcakes was short on supplies by 3 o'clock in the afternoon, totally a sign of great cupcakes if they're almost sold out, but I ended up buying the 15 mini-cupcakes of assorted flavors. You guys...YOU GUYS! I cannot even describe how freaking good it was! The first one I tried was vanilla cake and vanilla icing because in my opinion, if you can't make a good vanilla cupcake I cannot take you seriously. Best. Vanilla. Cupcake. Ever. EVER!!! If you are in Portland you NEED to go to East End Cupcakes! Do not pass Go, GO to this cupcake place. You will not regret it!

As I said numerous times, Portland is a new favorite city! The sights, the food, the sounds, the smells, everything about it I just fell in love with. If you get a chance to go here or are looking for your next US vacation spot, put Portland at the top of your list!

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  1. I love this feature! I actually am looking for US spots to visit. My husband and I are planning a vacation this fall, but no idea where to go! I'd love to go to Maine!

    The food sounds delicious in Portland! What is there to actually do there?

    I freaking love cupcakes, so I will definitely add that to the list of places to stop! Thanks!!

    - Elizabeth @ Book Yabber

  2. I've been to Maine literally too many times to count, but I haven't fully explored Portland yet! My grammie lives in Kennebunk so we stay closer to there. My boyfriend's sister just moved to Portland so it looks like we need to prioritize visiting her soon!


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