Friday, June 24, 2016

InstaLife {1}

I don't really know if anybody does something similar to this but I wanted to try a new lifestyle/update-type post. I love Rachel's 'Life According to my iPhone' series and that inspired me to think of InstaLife. I LOVE Instagram and posting pics of travels or books, etc. so I thought I'd take screenshots of my most recent Instagram photos to show what I've been up to lately! I did two screenshots for this post because it's new and I wanted to highlight the great travels I've had the opportunity to do recently! Of course, check out my Instagram if you want to see more!

Row 1: I collage my international pics of The Bronze Horseman because it's the anniversary of the main characters meeting and that book goes on every trip with me / #WanderlustWednesday in Prague 2013 / Exploring Quebec City on my recent trip to Canada

Row 2: Father's Day pic with my dad who taught me how great Star Wars is a youngin' / Lovin' the shadow pics in new cities, something totally random that I started doing, this was in Montreal, Canada / Pre-Canada road trip with my most prized possession (my passport) and one of my fav Canadian authors

Row 3: #WanderlustWednesday in Scotland at Stirling Castle, my heart is always in the UK / Day off spent reading and laying out by a beautiful stream next to my apartment / Unexpected and generous gift from Laura Andersen of the UK copies of her books, I choked up a bit not gonna lie

Row 4: FINALLY got to meet one of my favorite people and authors in person, Laura Andersen! Had the best day exploring a Shaker Village / Getting excited for my hangout with Laura posing her books with my Anne Boleyn signature tote bag, yes I really have that, thanks Hannah / Hobbit Hole at Book Barn in Connecticut hanging out with Alexa and Alyssa 

(Can you tell how excited I am about getting to meet and see some of my favorite people and explore new places?!)

Row 1: On the road again to hang out with Alexa and Alyssa!! / Sitting in the sun with some snacks, music, and re-reading a favorite book / #WanderlustWednesday to Ireland 2012--see what I mean about my heart always being somewhere in the UK!?

Row 2: Memorial Day spent in beautiful Burlington, VT. Seriously one of the cutest towns ever! / Adorable and inspiring sticker on the bathroom mirror :) / Countryside of Vermont, it seriously cannot get any prettier anywhere than New England. I cannot tell a lie

Row 3: East End Cupcakes-OMG MOST DELICIOUS EVER / Overlooking Casco Bay in Portland, Maine, one of the best days I've ever had / Video of Casco Bay...can you tell I was obsessed with Portland yet?

Row 4: Getting some reading in before the ferry departure / Found a lighthouse you could see in a picture! The last pic I posted with a lighthouse was too foggy...oops / New city, new shadow selfie. I seriously walk ass backwards into these and now it's like a thing for me

I hope you enjoyed my first InstaLife! Would love to hear if you like this sporadic feature or not, I'm just kind of obsessed with Instagram and love posting and highlighting what's going on. Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. This is a very cute idea for a blog series, Kel! I like seeing a round-up of all your photos and reading all the little descriptions. I also may be very biased and love that I was a part of this particular collage since we got to see each other last month!


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