Monday, June 13, 2016

Long Live Jane {My Lady Jane Blog Tour and Giveaway}

Welcome to my stop on the My Lady Jane blog tour! I was so excited to put this post together because I'm combining more than a few of my loves in life. Books, history, and traveling, all in one post! For my stop on the tour I'm highlighting a few places I've been in real life that Jane would have visited in her lifetime. Hope you enjoy and check out my review of this fun, romantic, and justified alternate history!

The White Tower
Lady Jane Grey is most well known in history as the Nine Days Queen. After her cousin Edward VI died, Jane and her husband Guildford's families thought they should be on the throne rather than Henry VIII's eldest daughter, Mary. Her family schemed and plotted to get on the throne as a pawn and because of this, her real history isn't the most pleasant. I had read several books about Jane prior to going to London for the first time, she is my fourth most favorite historical lady, and I was so excited to see where she was held. While I haven't read anything stating she was held captive here exactly, I have read that during her coronation, she was led to the White Tower and fate--and Mary--intervened shortly after and never left the fortress of the Tower again. 

The Beauchamp Tower
Carving in the wall of the Beauchamp Tower by a Jane supporter!
This is one of my favorite places to visit in the Tower. As you can see below there are carvings of her name in the Tower, how cool is that?! I also included the carving of the Dudley crest that was done by her father-in-law during *one* of the times he was held there. There are a few carvings of Jane's name, sometimes spelled Iane, I don't know the language history on that but it is what it is.

Hampton Court Palace
Jane would have walked the gardens, most likely trying to get away from Court Life.
Hampton Court Palace was an epicenter of activity for the Tudor family. So much history is here and during Jane's life she would have visited the Palace and stayed there with her cousins, Mary and Elizabeth, and her uncle Henry VIII and participated in court activities even if it wasn't her thing. I'm sure the library or a walk about the gardens would have been right up her alley!

The Thames
A perfect view for a break from Court politics!
Located next to Hampton Court Palace and winding through London, the river Thames would have been an ideal location for Jane to walk next to or settle in and read. The latter being the more believable.

I hope you liked my present day walk through history! Being a huge Tudor and Jane lover, when I visited these places she was never far from my mind. So happy My Lady Jane decides to take matters into their own hands and mess with England's history. She deserves it!

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  1. Oh gosh, the possibilities...I'd have to think on it...

  2. I think it's brilliant that you've actually been to locations that Lady Jane herself might have gone to or been at in the past! So cool ;)


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