Monday, June 27, 2016

Quick and Dirty // Mini-Reviews {2}

Another round of quick-fire reviews!

 It's no secret Megan Erickson is one of my favorite authors! The latest Mechanics of Love book only solidified that further. Alex is such a beautifully complex woman who may not wear her heart on her sleeve but she definitely feels deeper than most. She has been hurt in the past and protects her heart romantically but puts everything she has into her sister and niece and her new pseduo-father and brothers in the Peytons. Spencer is a Brit passing through for work and he and Alex's chemistry is on another level. I love Megan's ability to make a story so fun and sexy but emotional. It's a hard balance to maintain and she always does this perfectly. I am truly crossing my fingers that we will get more from the town of Tory in the future! If you're looking for a fun, sexy, and hilarious series, you need to check this out!

Reserved Seating

This is my first Elizabeth Hayley book even if it is the third in the series and I have to say I was beyond pleasantly surprised. I won't lie to you, I'm extremely picky and tuned into what I want out of a romance novel, be it contemproary, historical, erotica, etc., and will know within the first 20 pages if I'm gonna keep reading. I feel the need to point this out as I have DNF probably over a dozen books this year within the first 50 pages because the fact I kept reading, finished it, and thoroughly enjoyed says a lot. A series of unfortunate events have Cass and Alex taking their friendship into fake romance zone. I loved watching them catch real feelings and interact with Alex's seven year old daughter. The conflict was light and I appreciated that. Feelings were hurt, communication was lacking, but it all felt very organic and not drawn out. I love books like this. If you're looking for a light, fun, and sexier than I thought romance, definitely check this one out. I myself will be going back to read the first two of the series!
Reserved Seating

YOU GUYS!! I know I've said this before but holy hell, Julie Garwood and her Scottish lairds cannot be touched. I heard this was great from a friend and picked it up at a used bookstore and started immediately. I was engaged right off the bat. I couldn't put it down. The heroine, Jamie, is one of the most badass women I have ever read. She takes no shit and gives zero fucks. It's AMAZING how she stands up for herself and her viewpoint. Alec is a hero worth swooning for. I can't even describe how on point Garwood is with her heroes and heroines and their story arc. She writes arrogant, possessive, aggressive Highland men with soft hearts better than anyone I have ever read. The situations she puts her characters in are perfection and make my heart just melt. I completely escape into her novels and cannot get enough. The Highlands come alive and love is in the air with every book I read of hers. This one is NOT to be missed!
Backstage Pass

Thanks to Wendy, I was able to read an ARC of The Poisoned Blade! I loved Court of Fives last year and was so excited to get back into the world of competition, family loyalty, and oppression. For a reason I can't say due to spoilers, this book wasn't as engaging as the first book but damn did it get good towards the end for...reasons. The beginning of the book was good, don't get me wrong. There is a lot of plot movement and things are happening which I loved. We moved from a physical Court of Fives to a more political one and it is a treacherous game they play. I loved seeing all the pieces move and where peoples' allegiances lay. There were more than a few plot surprises and it was awesome. The ending...the ending!! It was fantastic. Holy shit I am SO excited to see what happens next because what happens in the political and military realm of this book because it is on another level! If you loved Court of Fives, you will definitely enjoy this follow-up!
Reserved Seating

2.5 Stars. This is...painful for me. Tiffany Reisz is hands down one of my favorite authors of all time. The Original Sinners series is part of my soul. For real. That series changed my life. I was so excited to read something new by her and this book really disappointed me. I think (a small) part of it is me. The plight of privileged, rich, racist, white Southerners doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. But I love Tiffany and I loved The Bourbon Kings so I thought I would still enjoy it but the immense bitterness and fortune's fool theme was draining. I get the tragedy of this bourbon company's foundation but as much as it was dark and complicated, it also felt a bit contrived and made me eye-roll more than once. The character development of the past aspect of the story was well-developed for the most part but I still didn't find myself really caring about them. The present-day narrator, Paris, was an adult version of a manic pixie dream girl and I cannot even tell you how much I fucking despise that type of female character. I wanted to throw my fucking Kindle at this bitch's head. Tell the fucking story and stop being coy and playful, it's not cute. Excuse my anger but I had some feelings about this clearly. I will still read anything Tiffany Reisz writes in the future however this book was not for me.
Standing in Line Outside

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  1. I'm so excited to check out Poisoned Blade! It's honestly one where I look forward to seeing what happens next, especially after the first one ;) And I love that you loved another Garwood book! ALWAYS a good thing.


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