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The Loves of My Life {One True Loves Blog Tour}

"I had some of my most incredible experience abroad...
I had predicated my life on the idea that I wanted to see everywhere extraordinary
but I'd come to realize that extraordinary was everywhere."
--Taylor Jenkins Reid, One True Loves
Genre: Adult Contemporary
Publisher: Washington Square Press
Pages: 352
Publication Date: June 7th, 2016
Source: ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley
Previous Books By This Author: Forever, Interrupted & After I Do & Maybe in Another Life
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My Thoughts

The Belle
Welcome to my stop on the ONE TRUE LOVES blog tour! Be sure to check out the Rafflecopter Giveaway at the bottom of the review!

I have read and loved all of Taylor Jenkins Reid's novels and this book is no exception. I was a little anxious going into, knowing my emotions were going to be put through the ringer but after Hannah threatened near bodily harm, I dove *ahem was pushed* right in. I am so happy I did. This might be my favorite--or close second--TJR book. You can read the premise from the synopsis so I won't waste time going into the obviousness of the dilemma Emma faces but I will break it down as best I can because this is a really difficult review to write as to not give anything away. I shall try.

The Relationships
I loved the beginning of Emma's story. Reid gives us a fantastic foundation to the journey she takes in this book. Emma's family is introduced, her parent's run a bookstore--holla!--that she wants nothing to do with and her sister is a typical self-absorbed teenager and older sibling that wants nothing to do with her. She struggles with finding her place within her family because she doesn't want to run a bookstore and doesn't even like to read (*gasp* I know). She loves her sister but they don't have the best relationship because her sister can do no wrong in the eyes of her parents and she just struggles to get by.

I won't give away spoilers but I will say that I really liked how Jesse and Emma meet and start their life together. They are both hugely into travel so I loved reading about their shared journeys, even if they were just glimpses. I started daydreaming about meeting a guy who would travel with me like that but I digress. They have such a beautiful history and understanding on another. I especially loved how they both make choices their parents don't always agree with and they are there to support one another and be each other's rock. The loss of Jesse was devastating to read about. My heart felt crushed in empathy for Emma's loss and how she got herself back together.

Emma's story with Sam was different but fantastic nonetheless. Sam is an old friend of Emma's from high school and when they reconnect it is perfection. So freaking cute and Sam is understanding of her situation and respectful. I loved their own beginning as friends and then reconnecting later on. I was worried about being able to fully engage in a second relationship but, again, Reid does such a fantastic job of giving both guys just due that it felt organic and very real.

I adored Emma. I loved reading her journey and her struggles and her triumphs. I could really relate to her in her personal journey. I can say nothing about being in love with two guys but her interpersonal journey really spoke to me. She has traveled and been being a gypsy for a long and is just recently feeling like she wants to go home. I loved this aspect of realizing that extraordinary things are all around us, especially in the ordinary. I loved how much Emma changes and realizes she has so many different and unique interests that she didn't even know she had. I just loved so hard how much change she goes through and how she really grows throughout the novel.

The Writing
As expected and per usual, Reid's writing is extraordinary. How she writes emotion and human suffering was so on point. I was incredibly impressed with how she took such a complicated emotional dynamic between these characters and made it feel real and tragic yet still beautiful. I want so badly to really tell you examples but I CANNOT ruin the book for you. Know this. The writing is incredible and poignant and it will put you right into the story and you will feel right alongside Emma. I absolutely loved the two relationships that Reid presents because I find the juxtaposition between the two absolutely beautiful. She gives us two phenomenal love stories that are different, so different, but neither are any less important than the other. That is what made me truly impressed with this novel. Reid's ability to portray two beautiful love stories without taking anything away from the other. How does she do this? Read the book. 

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If you love unconventional stories, beautiful writing, and journeys of self-discovery...this book is for you.
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  1. One True Love was FANTASTIC. I was completely swept up in Emma's story. I love, as always, how well-written this story is, and how TJR really tackles such complicated situations with such graceful storytelling :)

  2. I want this book!!! You just keep on making my TBR list explode with more reads.


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