Monday, June 6, 2016

War Is Coming

"O'Kanes didn't bend, didn't break.
They were stronger than steel because they held one another up."
--Kit Rocha, Beyond Ruin

: Adult Dystopia Erotca
Publisher: Self-published
Source: ARC provided by authors
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My Thoughts
The Belle
This latest book in one of my favorite series, Kit Rocha brings it. War is coming and the battles have begun. Picking up where Beyond Ruin left off, my favorite part of this series as if recent has been the ongoing tension between Eden and the Sectors, especially our beloved 4. I loved the continuing plot of the war against Eden. THINGS happen and I was so completely engaged in this story that I could feel my heart racing. I have a thing for books and storylines when the characters are plotting war or rising up against an oppressor. Turns me on. This was no exception.

With the focus of the story on Hawk and Jeni, a fair part of the story brings us out to Sector Six, Hawk's home. Meeting his huge family and seeing where he comes from only makes this impending war that much more real and devastating. The discussion in Six and what they'll do in order to protect their own and fight against Eden was heartbreaking and inspiring. The feels were real.

Speaking of feels!! Romance wise, I felt that Jeni and Hawk were reminiscent of everything I love about the Beyond series. Sexy, emotional, organic. While there have been some books in this series where the romance felt less than lackluster to me, Jeni and Hawk reminded me what I loved about this series in the beginning. Raw, dirty, intense emotion. Wanting things and denying yourself thinking it wasn't okay. I LOVED this! Hawk and Jeni's journey is far from easy but for the first time in a few books, their conflict felt so on point! I could feel myself right along with both of them and where they were coming from, their emotions, their POV, their hesitations. It was beautiful.

I also really appreciated the talking aspect of the relationship. Don't get me wrong, a huge reason I love these books are the sexual creativity in their sex scenes but sometimes it gets to be too much. This was a perfect balance of discussion and dirty talk. This relationship felt right and it felt good to be back in Sector 4 for equal parts sexiness, emotional growth, and introspective sexual exploration. BEYOND excited (see what I did there?) for the final book. It's gonna be a really sad day to see these O'Kanes go but I will love them with everything I have while I can, and that's what rereading is for.
Reserved Seating
If you love fighting oppression, free love, and complex characters...this book is for you.

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