Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Adventures in the Great Wide Somewhere // Seville, Spain

If you remember my Instagram pic from a few months ago, you'll know how much I LOVED Seville. Hands down my favorite Spanish city. Gorgeous, steeped in history, and a nerd girl's dream. Why? Well, I'll tell you. Seville is home to not only the filming location of the Palace of Naboo from Star Wars but it is also the home of Dorne from Game of Thrones...holy shit somebody pinch me I'm in Heaven!! I squee'd so hard it should have been embarrassing but as if I give any fucks. Here's my breakdown of my favorite Spanish city. Note: It's gonna be more picture heavy because I couldn't choose just one per place!

Plaza de Espana
Not only the Palace of Naboo, also the site of the speech from The Dictator, Plaza de Espana is one of the most beautiful and impressive places I've ever been. The artwork and crest of each Spanish city is highlighted along the foundation surrounding the palace and it's so interesting to see all the different cities and their representation. A beautiful fountain is front and center and perfect picture location. And walking underneath the outdoor ceiling of the palace made me feel like Queen Padma--sorry not sorry.

'Guys, WE ARE IN DORNE!"--said approximately 500 times with two travel friends while wandering through Alcazar. And we also may or may not have played the theme music while walking through the palace...ok, it totally happened and we even filmed ourselves walking through to the music. No shame--see what I did there?--in our game, take that High Sparrow. Regardless, Alcazar is fucking gorgeous. The fruit trees, the architecture, the different looks throughout the structure is just unreal. If I had to be held pseudo captive by an arranged marriage or brutally murdered, this isn't a bad place to go out. Ok, I'm done with GoT references...for now...Here is where I stop talking and just inundate you with photos.

Flamenco Show
It's not Seville or Spain without a Flamenco Show. As somebody who has danced her entire life I was looking forward to this like no other and it did not disappoint. I knew going into the show I would see incredible footwork and beautiful costumes, what I didn't expect was all the emotion behind certain dances. One in particular was close to 10 minutes long, told a beautiful and heartbreaking story, and just bled with emotion. I would encourage everyone to see a show if they have a chance, it's a truly incredible and moving experience.

Get Lost
Per my usual, I spent a lot of time wandering around. The city is stunning. I felt completely transported and it felt and looked exactly what I imagined Spain would look and feel like. The streets and houses and buildings are unreal. The parks and intermittent greenery is beautiful. Walking around this city is one of my favorites. If you ever plan a trip to Spain make Seville the top priority!

I hope you enjoyed traveling to Seville by proxy with me! One of my newest favorite European cities. The only killer was finding out the scene in season 5 of Game of Thrones when the dragons come back to save Khaleesi from the Sons of the Harpy in that arena was about 30 min outside the city...and I had no way of getting there...cue utter and complete heartbreak. #SquadGoals

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  1. What a beautiful place! And what an awesome adventure! I think I would have really enjoyed visiting Seville, so it's a shame I was only able to visit Barcelona this year. At least now I know where to go for future adventures ;)


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