Friday, July 15, 2016

Thou Shall Be Immortal

"It's all about matter what side you're on, it's all about love."
--JR Ward, Immortal
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Publisher: NAL 
Pages: 388
Publication Date: October 7th, 2014
Source: Bought
Previous Books in SeriesCovet & Crave & Envy & Rapture & Possession

My Thoughts 


The end is here! I am so sad to see Jim and Adrian and co. go! *sniff* This final book I had no expectations as to what was going to happen. We follow Jim and Adrian and Sissy as they try to figure out what to do about the next soul. Along the way they stumble and fall…multiple times…but it is truly how they get back up…and how they love one another. I LOVE the dynamic between all of them and how much they truly protect and love one another. It really is all about love.

The plot of this final book is fantastic. I obviously can’t give anything away but all I have to say is that I LOVED how things concluded, what happened, how people reacted, and how all the things went down. Jim and Sissy I finally get. Their relationship matured and I actually felt the connection between them much more than previously. I am seriously in love with Jim and I cannot wait to revisit this series in the future.

What I was surprised about was how Devina has really transformed over the season. She is a villain I love to hate because she has moments of redemption…even if she is a huge asshole. Her obsession with Jim and the delusion he loves her was HILARIOUS. I’m sure that’s not maybe the normal reaction to unrequited love but when it’s Devina and her crazy ass, it’s so amusing. Loved this.

The ending is beautiful. I wont’ lie. I shed a few stoic tears. It is so heart-warming and I just couldn’t help a few tears leaking out. I also loved how a few characters’ ending was open. I didn’t expect this but now in hindsight it makes sense. It will tie in with the Black Dagger Brotherhood and I cannot WAIT to see certain characters pop up with the Brothers! Eeeeep!!

While objectively, I will say the final two books of the series are probably the weakest. I loved reading this series and I would still recommend it but I was slightly disappointed feeling the last two books lost the magic of the first four. But I’m being really nit-picky. Plus…hot, buff, warrior angels? Can’t beat that.
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If you love hot angels, redemption, and true love…this book is for you.

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