Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Adventures in the Great Wide Somewhere // Chefchaouen, Morocco

I am SO excited to talk about one of the most beautiful places I have ever been...CHEFCHAOUEN, MOROCCO! Pronounced shef-sh-ow-en, it is one of Morocco's hidden secrets. Never having heard of it before staying in it, it is still a relatively unknown city and travel destination--how often do you hear that?--that needs to be on your radar! There isn't a whole lot to say about the city so I'll be showing a lot of pictures!

The Medina
The walled portion of the city is up on the hill, and yes its kind of a bitch to walk especially when you're dragging your luggage up it but I digress. It is filled with markets, hidden walkways, beautifully intricate carved doorways, and the whole city is blue. BLUE! The pictures don't lie. The whole city seems to be elevated in the countryside, so I'm told and so it looks. I was so carsick on the way up I had to close my eyes so I missed a lot of the drive scenery. But seriously I cannot say enough about how fun it was to walk around the medina taking pictures and wandering.

The Kasbah Museum
In the center of the Medina is the Kasbah museum complete with a tower overlooking the city. Honestly, didn't go to too many of its buildings, the tower was the main attraction. A minimal stair climb to the top gives you breathtaking views of the city. The pictures are beautiful but it really doesn't do it as much justice as it could. On the way out I saw a sign for the dungeon and my twisted soul couldn't not go! Chains hang from the wall. It's very dark and dank and creepy. Yes, that's me posing. Caption: Dungeon? Looks like a Tuesday night.

I'm a picky eater but the food of Morocco is incredible! Most meals are prepared in a tagine. A tall, ceramic triangular prism if you will. Filled with your choice of meat, vegetables, rice, couscous and it is delicious. So freaking good if I could have bought one to take home and cook I would have. Alas, limited room in suitcase.

Get Lost
The amazing thing about the Chefchaouen Medina is that no matter what turns you take or how lost you think you might be, all roads lead back to the center of town. Seriously. You can take as many twists and turns and tangents as you want and you'll find your way back. It's incredible. Because you will get lost. Its inevitable to be distracted by all the beauty and walkways but don't worry, you'll figure it out.

Hope you enjoyed your time with me in Morocco! I highly recommend going here if you can because it truly is a cultural and visual experience you won't forget.

In case you missed it, my posts of Fes and Marrakech.

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  1. What a beautiful city! And it's pretty much my favorite color everywhere you look so... I'm sold. I need to go and see this spot for myself :D


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