Friday, August 12, 2016

Friendship Festival {Book Character Dopplegangers}

For the final post of Friendship Festival, the girls and I are naming a book character that reminds us of that person. I was SO excited about this idea when they thought of it because I love it when I read about a character that reminds me of a friend or of myself! It's gonna be interesting to see who they pick for me...

I had to narrow down a few choices for Alexa because my obvious choice is Lysandra from Queen of Shadows because she is the Lysandra to my Aelin but that was too obvious so I wanted to pick a more stealth choice. That choice being Grace from The Mistake by Elle Kennedy. Grace is so similar to Alexa that I was almost jealous reading because Logan might possibly be my favorite guy, haha. Grace is a good girl, as is Alexa, and I mean that in the best way. She plays by the rules, she is a kind and decent person, she thinks about others before herself, and she always gives people the benefit of the doubt and second chances even if she shouldn't. But she is not a pushover by any means. Alexa, like Grace, will give you chance after chance but when she believes that somebody did something wrong or shitty, she has no problem saying it. She stands up for herself and her beliefs and makes no apologies about it. She listens to other people's opinions and viewpoints to keep an open mind but she always follows her heart. Speaking of heart, she wears hers on her sleeve and that is one of my favorite qualities about her. She, and Grace, love deeply and care immensely for their people. You could not find a more loyal or selfless friend than Alexa...or Grace. Oh, and Grace spends time in Paris and Alexa is obsessed with Paris. It's just one of those crazy coincidences that have to be more than a coincidence as when I was reading I was like, omg that is so totally Alexa!

For Rachel, there really was no other pick for her than Shaw Landon, which I know she will love because Rule is one of her top five favorite book boyfriends so it's only fitting and fate that she fits Shaw Landon to a T. Shaw, like Rachel, is more on the shy and reserved side. She also plays by the rules and does what she thinks is right no matter how difficult or unpopular the choice may be, she follows her heart. And while all those things remind me of Rachel when I read about Shaw, the main selling point for me was her intelligence. Rachel, like Shaw, is fiercely intelligent and wicked smart. Rachel is amazing at her job as a designer and not only is she creative but so articulate in everything she does. The intelligence combined with the genuine heart describes Rachel perfectly. Rachel, like Shaw, doesn't care if her choices are popular are not. When Shaw starts dating Rule it doesn't seem like the best idea but she trusts herself and listens to her heart and does what she knows is best for her. Rachel is the same. She refuses to settle for some bland, boring life. She seeks out adventure and excitement and absolutely will not settle for anything mediocre in life, especially in regards to her love life. I have no doubt in my mind that one day soon Rachel will find her Rule Archer and live happily ever after.

There you have it! First ever Friendship Fesitval has come to a close. I hope you guys enjoyed our posts this week including our favorite friendships, a girls trip travel post, and our book character dopplegangers!

Don't forget to check out Alexa and Rachel's posts from this week as well! I had such a blast doing this, I hope y'all had fun reading them!

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  1. I LOVE THAT YOU PICKED GRACE FOR ME! No, seriously, I do. I identified with Grace a lot while I was reading The Mistake, for a lot of different reasons. But to see your take on it was SUCH a fun thing, and also an incredible honor <3


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