Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Friendship Festival {Girls' Trip}

Today's post for Friendship Festival, the girls and I are each planning a trip that we would take together. We all also bond over our love of travel and adventure so this post is a perfect complement to our week of celebration. Obviously, I am beyond ecstatic to plan a fantasy trip to a place I think we would all love. With that said it should come as absolutely no surprise that the trip I planned will take me and the girls to...

St. Petersburg, Russia

Everyone that knows me or has been here before knows my diehard obsession with The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons and not only have I gotten Rachel and Alexa to read and love it as well, but it's probably my most rec'd book to date which is a HUGE accomplishment as it sits at a hefty 800+ pages but I digress. It is only fitting that if I get to take these fabulous ladies anywhere in the world it would be Leningrad aka St. Petersburg, Russia. Not only for The Bronze Horseman reference but we're all also kind of obsessed with the Romanovs.

What would we do in St. Petersburg? Let me tell you...

We would obviously visit The Winter Palace and pretend we were Romanovs dancing in gorgeous ball gowns in the warm ballroom as snow falls outside. We would think about the the Romanov family and curse Rasputin's name. And we'd obviously take a ton of pictures outside the phenomenal iconic building.
We would walk along the Nevsky Prospekt and pretend their is a good-looking soldier carrying our bags for us. And also being grateful we put on sensible shoes because walking in heels along this street would definitely hurt our feet.
As a break from our walk we would buy some creme brulee ice cream and sit at a bus stop wishing, hoping, thinking, praying that at the most random part of our day there might be a handsome stranger taking a different route that allows us to cross paths and change our lives forever.
We'd then take said bus with or without a handsome stranger to pay our respects to the Siege of Leningrad Memorial. We'd talk about our favorite parts of the book, how said it was that real life families like the Metanovas suffered not so long ago all in the name of war.
After that emotional stop, we'd buy a bottle of vodka and some lunch and some blinchiki and sit in The Summer Garden in front of Mars and talk about our dayand how we can't wait to extend our trip out to Lazarevo the next day. But before the day is over there's one more thing we have to do...
...To end our amazing day, we'd take a bus or tram and visit the Bronze Horseman statue because all started here...
What'd you guys think of the trip I planned for us? Basically a day in the life of Alexander and Tatiana as well as the Romanovs. I can't wait to see where Alexa and Rachel take us!

Don't forget to check out the first post of Friendship Festival if you haven't yet!

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  1. 100% YES TO VISITING ST. PETERSBURG! It would be totally epic to go with you and Rachel, and I think we'd have a lot of fun exploring and geeking out together :D Excellent plan ;)


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