Monday, August 29, 2016

I Just Finished The Most Wonderful Story...

"We women all have the capacity to carry magic."
--Kristen Ashley, Broken Dove

Genre: Adult Fantasy Romance
Publisher: Self-Published
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My Thoughts
OK guys. It's time we had a serious discussion. The title of this post is LITERALLY  (and I hate using this word, let me tell you) is what I said to myself after finishing book 2, The Golden Dynasty. I actually hugged my Kindle to my chest, rocked back and forth, and announced to my very surprised Mom and sisters my declaration of love. They obviously didn't care because they didn't just read what I read. We all know I read a lot, I'm sure if you're reading this you read a lot too so you KNOW and understand that special moment when a book or series hits you right in the face and heart and feels and soul and you didn't expect it. This is how I feel about this series. I didn't think I would be able to do a formal, typical review for each book because there are no adequate words to verbalize my soul-deep love I have for this series. So I decided to do a top reasons to read and add in a few gifs for good measure which I usually don't do but it felt compeltely appropriate for this series because IT CHANGED AND RUINED MY LIFE IN ALL THE BEST WAYS, YOU GUYS. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

Truer words were never spoken...
1. The World and Alternate Universe Concept is Incredible
So the basis of all these stories is that an alternate universe exists and we all have a twin. Frannie, in the first book, finds a witch that can talk to her twin and they both decide they want to change places for a year. The alternate universe is that of a high fantasy. Medieval, old-fashioned in some aspects, no technology, magic, elves, witchcraft, kings, queens, kingdoms, battles, etc. You get the idea and that idea being of the 'sign me the fuck up' variety. Anyways. Each book has a girl from our world (I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE) getting transported to the alternate universe and falling in love (DID YOU HEAR ME, EFFIE?! I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE). So clearly *ahem* I loved this idea. The twins are very different people from their counterpart and I loved this, too. I can't get too much into each story because duh spoilers and you have to experience it yourself.

2. The Love Stories Are Out of This World...Literally
Ok, that pun wasn't needed but I couldn't help it. Without giving away too many spoilers, I have to say the romance of each couple is unique, complex, complicated, and oh so worth every single page you read. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I loved these stories and characters. While The Golden Dynasty, book 2, is my solid favorite story (because I'm a secret savage who gets off on bloodshed and power and men that look like Khal Drogo). Each story really is beautiful in it's own way and I loved all of them. I do have to flail for a second about book 2 because as I said above it's very Khal Drogo and Khaleesi feeling but fuck George RR Martin because Lahn and Circe are my King and Queen. I want to be Circe. Lahn is my dream guy I didn't know I wanted or needed. For serious. His ruthless persona and savage ways speak to me in a way I didn't every really admit to wanting...ok, it's not so secret but still. I have no words for how much I love him. Top Five book boyfriend, sorry guys.
Gods damn, what I'd give to have a man look at me like this.
3. The Love is Beautiful But the Sex is Sensational
While the love stories are beautiful we cannot ignore the hot sex these couples have. Like, on another level hot. It's not hot in the graphic sense--well, not overtly or ostentatiously graphic--but in the sense that the lead up and emotions behind it make it on another level. I was fanning myself and swooning and wanting to cry from the depth of emotions these characters being out in me multiple times. It was just perfect storytelling.
I did this...A LOT.
But for real, is this something I can ask for?
4. The Girl Power is Real
As the stories proceed and we get interactions with previous characters, an underlying theme cohesively and within each book independently is that women have power. The women of this world aren't underestimated per say but the evolution of accepting that the women truly hold the power is explored. Kristen Ashely writes amazingly strong females that also have the immense capacity to love and be vulnerable. It creeped me out how in tune I was with each individual female character's emotions in their respective books. When they got hurt or felt pain, I could feel it in my heart. It takes a very special kind of connection to make me feel along with the characters to acutely. I haven't had this kind of connection or love for a book/series in a long time. The love these women are capable of is incredible. The 4th book really highlights this and it warmed my heart and inspired me more than I could say. I love when girls ban together rather than fight each other. It was just...epic.
Fantasyland women=Queens.
Listen. I know I'm forgetting and missing about a thousand other things I could say about this series but the truth is, read it. Just read it. It's incredible and inspiring and romantic and epic and everything I look for while reading. That feeling of the world falling away and being so engrossed and enchanted by a story that you don't want it to ever end. I want to live in this world. I think now instead of waiting for my belated Hogwarts letter to arrive, I'll be wishing, hoping, dreaming that one morning I wake up in our alternate universe. Hey, a girl can dream, right? 

If you love amazing fantasy worlds, epic storytelling, and girl power...this book is for you.


  1. I don't know how but I somehow managed to forget that I had downloaded the first book in this series a couple of weeks ago. CONSIDER THAT REMEDIED AFTER READING YOUR POST. You seriously make this series sound nothing short of incredible, and I'm so eager to dive into it now that it's ridiculous!

    1. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST SERIES EVER OMG I WANNA REREAD RIGHT NOW!! (I actually might very soon...)


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