Friday, September 9, 2016

A Court to Change the World

"The world will be saved and remade by the dreamers"
--Sarah J Maas, Empire of Storm

: YA/NA Fantasy
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Pages: 693
Publication Date: September 6th, 2016
Source: Bought
Previous Books in SeriesThe Assassin's Blade & Throne of Glass & Crown of Midnight & Heir of Fire & Queen of Shadows
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My Thoughts
The Belle

Per usual, my words have escaped me. My heart is so full after reading this that it's really hard to put into words my depth of love for this series so this is--probably--gonna be short and sweet.

**Spoilers for previous books but NOT spoilers for Empire of Storms**

Empire of Storms brings us almost directly to the point Queen of Shadows ended and no rest for the wicked. The squad on their way to Terrasen, Dorian, Manon, and Elide are all on their own path to try and find their way home, literally and figuratively, so lemme break this down by section.

Elide and Lorcan
Not gonna lie, my friends, these were my favorite fucking chapters. Elide is an instant favorite character because she is strong and a complete badass without even knowing it. She is wicked smart and she has no idea who smart she is. She is unassuming of her awesomeness and this is part of her charm. I cannot even give you details as to her badassery as it will ruin plot points and you just have to experience it first. The tension between her and Lorcan is 10 alarm, hotachacha, get a cold shower ready. Their banter, their hatred, their scorn, their everything for one another was just delicious. It was so FUN to read these chapters and watch their dynamic and relationship grow shall see.

Manon and The Thirteen, you guys. I love them. I loved Manon since I met her with her iron nails and her give zero fucks and have zero chill attitude. Her story in these books is incredible and her chapters were also a total highlight and I looked forward to reading these so, so much. I can't say too much but I will say I fucking love her. Love love love, where is my wyvern, I want some iron nails, dammit!

Aelin and Crew
Not to be forgotten, Aelin won't allow it, the meat of this book is Aelin and her court trying to undermine Erawen. No spoilers but I can say I loved every second of it. The battles, the selflessness, the fighting, the comraderie, you guys, I can't...I CAN'T!!!!! It is just SO good! You have to check out Sarah's newsletter and playlists because she includes my personal favorite song--Barbossa is Hungry from Pirates of the Caribbean--as one of her songs for inspiration of a total pivotal scene. I have had this song on my iPod for years and every time it comes on shuffle I can literally see scenes from the book play in my mind. It's amazing.

The Squad
My favorite part, overall, of this book and this story are the friendships. These people epitomize squad goals. They are so loyal to one another and inspire such strong devotion that you know they will do anything for one another. I love reading about friendships like this and I find them so rarely. There are always great romances, don't get me wrong I LOVE a good romance and sexytimes which are also present and amazing, but to find really great, strong, loyal friendships is hard. I love the dynamic and how all these complex people come together for one common cause behind one united front and fight. They fight for a better world. They fight for their friend, their land, their queen. They fight for what is right and there is nothing greater than that to me.

The History
We get a lot more details and secrets are revealed and Aelin and the gang delve further into the journey to take down Erawen. Sarah has created this epic puzzle where all the pieces are finally clicking into place and the utter brilliance of it all is incredible. It fits so seamlessly together that I sit there like duh, why didn't I see that coming!? But you just never do.

The Story
As I said above, the way the story unfolds is incredible. I never know where Sarah is going to take our characters but I know they will be taken care of. It's not always easy, thus is life, but it's always organic to the story. These characters and this story is so incredibly inspiring. Every time I read one of Sarah's books I feel like I can do anything. I can conquer the world. I can do anything my heart desires. It is a unique and beautiful skill to be able to write such beautiful words that they can inspire me that much. I cannot say enough about how much I love these books and how much these books affect me in the most positive way. I see myself so much in her complicated Aelin with her polrarizing extremes of her personality that I can't help but feel connected to her. This story is one for the ages and I cannot recommend it enough. I pledge my fealty to Sarah J Maas, to whatever end...

If you love epic stories, amazing friendships, and love to whatever end...this book is for you.


  1. Basically, I'm just going to comment to say YES 100% YES to everything you've mentioned in this review. Also, this book just really deserves a standing ovation! It's brilliant, and I'm dying to know what will happen next.

    1. Standing ovation, clapping for an hour after it ends! WHAT WILL WE DO AFTER THE FINAL BOOK?!?!?!


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