Monday, October 31, 2016

Quick and Dirty // Mini-Reviews {3}

There's been a handful of books I've read lately that I haven't reviewed fully but still wanted to give them their just due. This group of mini-reviews are a few historical romances I've read and really enjoyed lately.

Overall I loved the story and the dynamic between Alex and Lily but I was shocked at how the intimacy happened between these two characters. It was...kinda skeevy and I just felt icky about it. It...wasn't good. I mean, at the end of the encounter it was good and I understood the general point of what Kleypas was going for but how the characters got there just didn't sit well with me. So much so I knocked off a whole star for it but don't let that deter you from reading. It's still a great story, I loved the dynamic between Lily and Alex. He is a total alpha if not for a little bit of an asshole but just what Lily needed and just what he needed. Their hate-to-love dynamic was a lot more hate but it just was even better when the sparks started flying.
General Admission

Another great story from Lisa Kleypas. Derek Craven is starved for love and Sara Fielding is yearning for it which made for an amazing combination. Sparks fly. Derek is just the kind of broody hero I love to read about. He holds a silent and secret torch for Sarah, convinced he can only love her from afar. It's ridiculously romantic how he tries to stay away from her and how he also tries to keep her alive in his memory when she's not around. Sarah is a force to be reckoned with and I loved that she had a career she cared about, especially at the age this story takes place in. Not my fav of hers but def worth reading.
General Admission

 My first Julia Quinn book! And what a success! Before I knew it I was 100 pages into the story and didn't want to stop. The writing and story engaged me immediately. I adored the dynamic between Turner and Miranda. The story of when she first fell in love with him in the beginning is brilliant. I also loved the friendship between Miranda and Olivia. Olivia's meddling trying to get Miranda with her other brother was so entreating, especially when Turner finds out and throws a tantrum. Dammit, it was funny! Miranda was by far my favorite, though. She is wise beyond her years and so intelligent and mature and I just adore her. Turner's mood swings were frustrating to say the least, I am 100% Team Miranda, but that's the fun of conflict. Great read! So happy I finally found Julia Quinn!
Reserved Seating

Reeeeeeally close to 5 stars!!! I ADORED this book!! There is actually nothing about this book that didn't work for me. The hero is hotter than sin and wears a kilt which DUH is really all you need. Ok, it's not at all but more than the kilt Logan is loyal and kind and an amazing leader and man. Madeline was intelligent, independent, caring, and just the right amount of hopeless romantic for me to think her a kindred spirit. The steps she took to make people believe her story as the details came out had me laughing out loud. The plot pacing was on freaking point and 100% organic and natural. I loved the ebb and flow of the dynamic between Logan and Madeleine. And the secondary character?! Hilarious and fleshed out. Love love LOVED this book!! So much so that the pages got blurry at the end. For serious. Loved.

Backstage Pass

SUPER fun and romantic short story. Not a full-length novel of the series but the edition I had a bunch of extras from the series--I didn't read them, oops. While this book may be short, it does not lack in feels. Aedan was tricked by the Unseelie King to be imprisoned for far longer than he agreed and turned into a mercenary for him to do this dirty work. He does not remember his mortal life and basically has no soul but the Seelie Queen found a loop hole for him to fall in love in his dreams, even if he doesn't remember them. Jane is a modern day woman who has had the fortunate luck of having a hot Highlander visit her dreams for years. Some girls have all the luck. She is transported back in time and I loooooooved how they meet and interact. I couldn't get enough of her patience and how he slowly got back into caring about human life. It is acutely romantic how he looks at Jane and yields to her. It melted my heart. I can't get enough of these Highlanders and can't believe I finished the series! More, please!! Reserved Seating


  1. I absolutely loved When a Scot Ties the Knot. I'm glad you enjoyed that one so much. :)

    1. Me too!! Wasn't a fan of the second book in the series so I was so happy I loved this one!

  2. The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever is still one of my favorite books from Julia Quinn! I just found it so adorable, and so funny, and so sweet. And of course, it has one of my favorite romance tropes - a girl in love with her best friend's brother ;)


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