Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Adventures in the Great Wide Somewhere // Gift Guide for the Traveler in Your Life

The holidays are approaching so I thought it would be fun to put together gift ideas for somebody who loves to travel. Everything I'm talking about or featuring are gifts I myself have received so really, all the credit goes to my amazing friends and family who have been ever so thoughtful to me over the years. I've also broken them down into fun categories (well *I* think they're fun!).

For Travel Inspiration
Notebook with a Go-Getter Quote // I love notebooks. I especially love notebooks with travel quotes on them and I use them to brainstorm and plan my trips. A travel quoted notebook and help inspire you traveler where to take their next trip! (Thanks, Steph!)

Prints with Travel-Inspired Quotes // One of my favorite gifts ever was from Ellice (featured in the middle). It's my favorite quote from Me Before You by Jojo Moyes on a vintage map. SO thoughtful and inspiring and I LOVE looking at it. I'm obsessed with it and it is one of my most treasured gifts. This gift is thoughtful, inspiring, and will help your traveler feel read to take on their next adventure.

Book 1,000 Places To See Before You Die // What better way to inspire wanderlust than with a book highlighting not one, not ten, but a THOUSAND places to travel! I keep this on my nightstand and am always reading through different countries to inspire my next adventure. (Thanks, Estelle!)

For Remembering Past Travels
Map of Country with Star'd Places You've Been // This map was created online at Walgreens and was a gift from my sisters. The year I went to South America they chose the map and placed a star on all the countries I went to. SO thoughtful and a perfect way to decorate and remember a great trip when I see it!

Magnets with Travel Photos // Another great gift from my sisters, they chose pictures from trips we've taken and then labeled them with the city. I LOVE these! They are a great way to remember your trip, remind you where it was, and it's also a great practical use! 

For Practicality
Passport Cover // Can't go wrong with a passport cover! Available in a variety of colors and patterns and designs, it's a great way to protect and carry your passport. Friendly reminder NOT to hand customs your passport IN the case as they will look at you with utter disdain and tell you to take it out. Not that I know from personal experience or anything... (Thanks, Mom!)

Luggage Tag // Another cute and completely practical gift for the traveler in your life. This luggage tag has gotten me numerous compliments and it's hilarious to boot. I love my 'i'm outta here' luggage tag. Easy to spot, cute, and 100% my state of mind when I'm gearing up to leave for a trip. 

For Everyday Reminders
Map Mug // Who doesn't love a small, daily reminder of previous travels? I do! My US postage stamp mug is a fun way to reminisce about travels as I drink my coffee or tea. Great gift for both your travel friend and your caffeine addicted friend. (Thanks, Steph!)

Travel Inspired Jewelry // A bit hard to see in the photo this bracelet is in the shape of an arrow that always makes me think of flying and adventures. I also have a compass necklace (not pictured) that I wear constantly! A small, subtle hint to the traveler at heart who wears this. (Thanks, Liss!)

Airplane Socks // When I'm far away from a trip or missing being abroad, I wear these socks. Another everyday reminder and inspiration to plan a new adventure. (Thanks, Betty!)

For Wearing Your Wanderlust
Travel Inspired Tees // I love me a good graphic tee and these hit the mark. Anything involved a city I've been to, want to go to, travel quote, the word 'wanderlust', I will probably be buying that tee shirt! A fun way to display your wanderlust and also make a fashion statement. (Thanks, Mom!)

While I could go on for another 20 minutes about other travel gift ideas, I think these are a solid start if you're feeling lost--see what I did there?--and unsure what to get the traveler in your life!


  1. These are all definitely great gift ideas! I love ones that let you reminisce on your past travels best, followed closely by the stuff you can take with you ;)

  2. I have that same luggage tag!


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