Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Adventures in the Great Wide Somewhere // UK Adventure Part 2

Hello, again! Welcome back to part 2 of my UK adventure posts! In my previous posts I talked about Scotland and the day trips I took, today I'm focusing on what I did in London. I was very fortunate to spend an extended amount of time in London and my heart was so happy. Having been to London several times before, it has never felt like enough. There is something about this city--and the entire of the UK, let's be honest as you can see in my other posts--that just speaks to me. I feel at peace when I'm here, when I'm in Scotland, it just makes me feel complete. This place is my travel soulmate. So yeah, I got to go back to places I've been before and loved and got to do so much new stuff and see places I haven't before. Best 3 weeks of my life! Here's my London, hope you enjoy!
Warner Bros Studio Harry Potter Tour // The pilgrimage all Harry Potter fans need to take if you can. The studio tour is a collection of all the iconic props, costumes, and sets from the movie. I could talk all day about how epic it is but I will still do it no justice. It's something you have to experience yourself if you are so able. It's life changing!

Hampton Court Palace // One of my favorite places in all of London, I have been here 4 times and I love it more each time I go. The one time home of Anne Boleyn as Queen, it a palace of so much incredible history not to mention beauty. If you know nothing about history, you can still enjoy this place because it is majestic. The gardens are gorgeous, the grounds are spectacular, I'm convinced Lewis Carrol, or Charles Dodgson, came here and it also inspired Wonderland. The trees are too bizarre looking and the gardens too vivid not to have been an inspiration. 

 Hyde Park // It's hard for me choose my favorite new location on this most recent trip but Hyde Park makes a hard argument. This place is beautiful. I have read about Hyde Park in historical fiction and historical romance for so long that to be in this place was incredible. The Serpentine lake, the trees, the lamp posts. Every great historical romance scene was going through my mind. I was able to sit and read underneath a tree for a little bit and it was such an amazing afternoon. It's quiet moments like this that I really feel a city.

Tower of London // Another favorite place of mine. I love visiting and paying respects to my girl Anne Boleyn and all the other fantastic women who tragically and wrongly lost their lives here. It's moving, humbling, and such an experience to be in this place. The chapel specifically is always very emotional for me.

Victoria and Albert Museum // On Steph's recommendation, I visited this museum on my last day in my city! It has so many incredible exhibits and floors to explore. I have a thing for sculpture and they had a huge exhibit on Roman sculptures and art and I was in love! Such a great place to get lost and look at some beautiful art.

Nottingham// A new neighborhood I haven't been to before, Nottingham is such a gem. As you can see, these beautiful painted houses are all over Portobello Road and surrounding streets. There are a ton of shops and a market is set up, I think daily, for souvenirs and knick knacks. Such a fun place to walk around! They also had an awesome Alice in Wonderland shop, no Alice paraphernalia rather antique stuff but still super cool!

Aladdin the Musical // Oh, my goodness, you guys.  This show...THIS SHOW!!!! SO incredible! I went to see if they sold Day Of tickets and I was informed they only do a lottery draw 2 hours before the show. You can buy any seat left 25 pounds and I WON!! I was shaking I was so incredibly excited. I have been wanting to see this show, Aladdin is one of my favorite Disney movies, but unless I went to New York it wasn't going to be touring to Milwaukee for awhile so this was such an amazing surprise! I sat 4th row, in the middle, it was an incredible experience.

Kensington Palace // A palace I hadn't been to before, Kensington Palace surprised me in the best way! A spectacular exhibit on Queen Victoria, a fashion exhibit with clothes from Queen Elizabeth, her sister, and Princess Diana, and the rooms of William III and Mary II. The gardens are also beautiful and is in the middle of the park with a beautiful lake right in front of it. Another beautiful and quiet place.

Wicked // My favorite musical of all time. The love I have for this show and the songs is on another level. If and when I get my first tattoo, it will most likely be script of 'Defy Gravity.' The woman who played Elphaba was the BEST I have EVER seen! And I have seen this show 4 times now. It never gets old, I love it so much!

Westminster Abbey // How I've never been here before is a question I can't even answer. This place is incredible. I was struck mute when I entered. A lady working came up to me and said there's a lot more to see, don't stay in one place too long because I was just standing there in awe. The talent it takes to create those memorials and sculptures in unbelievable. Being able to walk the pathway my Queens have walked on their coronation was incredibly moving. As was seeing Elizabeth I burial site. James I was a real dick when he buried her with here evil sister Mary as if they were fucking friends. Not cool. But seriously, this was such an amazing place, I could have wandered for so long looking at everything!

Hope you enjoyed my time in London! Be sure to check out my time in Scotland and next week I'll be talking about all the day trips I took!


  1. What a fun trip! I love all of the pictures, especially your pilgrimage to the Harry Potter studio. So neat!

  2. I adore seeing your trip updates, Kel! And, again, as I've said multiple times - I just want to go to London already. I feel like it'll be a city I fall head over heels in love with (and will never want to leave)!

    1. You will! I haver zero doubts and you will LOVE it!

    2. You will! I haver zero doubts and you will LOVE it!


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