Monday, November 7, 2016

Memory of Love

"Ye cannot ever say which way this world will take ye."
--Susanna Kearsley, The Winter Sea

: Adult Contemporary and Historical Fiction
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Pages: 536
Publication Date
Source: Bought
Series: First book in Slains series
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My Thoughts

The Belle
Wow. This book, you guys. This book. To be honest, I can't even remember how this book got on my radar. I received a different book by this author for review and ended up DNF'ing it so I have no idea how or why I would put a different book by an author I DNF'd on my list to read but regardless, I did and I am so happy I did. Book serendipity strikes again.
It's hard to put into words exactly how this book made me feel. Very few books, usually historical fiction to be honest, give me the feeling of coming home. That welcoming feeling after being gone for a long time like be wrapped up in a warm blanket. It's a rare and beautiful thing and this book made me feel this way. The writing and setting and storytelling all played a major role in making me feel this way.

The writing is fluid and vivid. It kept me turning the pages and made me feel like I was in Cruden Bay, walking Slains Castle, seeing the lush landscape that only Scotland can offer. Having recently been to Scotland, reading this book felt even more like a deep breath. I love Scotland and consider it a soulmate country. A huge piece of my heart is always there and this book made me feel right at home. The writing was fantastic in capturing the beautifully harsh land that is quintessential Scotland.

The story itself is phenomenal. Switching back and forth between present day Carrie writing a story taking place at Slains Castle and Sophia, the heroine in 1706-1710ish story she's writing. It's a book within a book and I love books like this. Not only are we reading what Carrie is writing, we get to see her writing process which I always find so fascinating. I personally love reading about a writer's process, even if it's fictional, when reading. While Carrie isn't only writing the story, she finds herself experiencing the real life situations her heroine lived through. It's confusing how I just said it but just read it and you'll understand.

With that said. I loved the idea of ancestor memory or genetic memory. This idea is discussed as Carrie believes she's not only writing Sophia's story but living it. I would love for something like this to happen to me. I have always found history and it's women so fascinating. To be able to really experience and see how the past was is something so incredible to imagine.

The setting felt like it was right in front of my eyes. Having been to Scotland before, it was so easy to picture what Carrie and Sophia were seeing. Even if I haven't been there, the descriptions she uses put me right in the story. The castle, the sea, the lush greenery, the brutal temperamental weather, the friendliness of locals. It had it all and I felt like I was in Scotland all over again. Very sad day I wasn't. I love that country like my own but I digress.

Everything about this book was perfect for me. The pacing, the characters, the story, the emotions, the setting, the history. I felt like I learned so much about a time in history I really don't know much about! That's a huge reason I love reading in general but moreso historical fiction in that I LOVE learning. I loved learning about more Scottish history and one of their Jacobite uprisings. It also helped fill in the gaps I had of the British line of monarch and ruling. Up until now my memory went gray after James I but now it no longer does.

I so look forward to reading more from this author and this series!

If you love history, fantastic storytelling, and Scotland...this book is for you.


  1. I'm totally picking up this one to read based on what you've said about it! It sounds utterly magical, and I'm so glad you had an amazing time reading this one... and put it on MY radar too ;)

    1. It was THE BEST EVER!!! Push everything over to read!!!! :)

  2. Such a great review, adding it to my TBR. That's so crazy that you DNF'd a previous book but loved this one. Just shows that one bad book by an author doesn't mean that they aren't incredibly talented and worthy of another shot!

    1. Right?! NO idea what made me add another book of hers to my TBR but I am SO incredibly happy I did!! Kismet!


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