Monday, November 14, 2016

Sisters of Virtue

Books: The Perfect Waltz | The Perfect Stranger | The Perfect Kiss
Genre: Adult Historical Romance
Publication Date: November 2005 | June 2006 | January 2007
Source: Bought
The Perfect Waltz
"Hope ached to be loved by someone other than a sister...To be loved by the man of her dreams."

I love this series! This book had me engaged almost immediately. The hero, Sebastian, is new to taking care of his two younger sisters and because of that he needs a wife. A sensible, dependable, no-nonsense wife to be a good influence to his younger sisters. He thinks he found the (right) one...until he sees Hope Merridew at a ball. The two are electrified once they set eyes on one another. Their chemistry is an inferno of desire and tenderness. Hope is hesitant at first because he is a large man and reminds her of her grandfather. But the tenderness he shows her is so freaking endearing. And then you add in the love he has for his sisters and it was super dusty when I was reading. I was tearing up like crazy! I cannot even with his relationship and the moments he had with his sisters. The feels, guys. Feels. On another level. I absolutely could not get enough of Sebastian and Hope together. Beauty and the beast indeed! Possibly my fav book of the series thus far!

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The Perfect Stranger
"It's obvious. You will marry me."

After the amazingness of Hope and Sebastian I was so excited for Hope's twin Faith. The meet-cute of our hero and heroine is kind of anything BUT cute. Faith is alone, on the run to an extent, and just trying to find her way home. My heart was breaking for her. All she wanted was to find love and when she thinks she does she is...sorely mistaken. Her lack of faith, pun intended, was heartbreaking. When she meets Nicholas she is lost, untrusting, and scared but she finds a quiet strength in this stranger and his friends. I loved their dynamic and hesitant interaction. I saw hesitant because Nicholas does whatever he can to keep Faith at arm's length for secret reasons known only to him. Faith does her absolute darndest to be the best wife possible. It is so endearing and uplifting it will just melt your heart. In addition to their romance, the supporting characters are amazing. This book fits right in with the previous books and highlights love, laughter, and unassuming romance. 

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The Perfect Kiss
"You're my dream, remember? I have no choice." 

The baby of the Merridew family, Grace's book is finally here! I was so excited to see how this little lady grew up and finds love. I loved the beginning, you can tell immediately how strong of character Grace is. She's loyal to her friend even if it means sacrificing her own plans at the time. I loved how she meets Dominic that not the BEST name EVER?! Anyways, their meeting was great if not a little...forward. Not gonna lie, their beginning interactions were a little aggressive and made me a bit head tilt uncomfortable. Add in the fact that her best friend is supposed to be the one marrying him it felt a little odd. Fortunately, conversations took place that made everything in the open and it made it less weird. From that point on it was on point. The care Dominic and Grace have for one another is so deep that my heart was aching. I loved seeing Dominic come into his own in his family home and the lengths he goes to for Grace. While this book isn't the strongest and the end felt a little like filler, overall I enjoyed it because for real, I am obsessed with this series and adore these characters so much a little head tilting is okay in my book. 

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Backstage Pass 
On par with the Wallflowers and Hathaways, the Merridew sisters will steal your heart...and their men aren't so bad themselves

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  1. I just think this entire series is wonderful! It was definitely a series I loved binging, and I thought all the sisters were so wonderful <3


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