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Adventures in the Great Wide Somewhere // Travel by Page to Scotland

 Back again, for quite possibly my second most read country! It's no surprise that I went back--yes, again--for the second time this year alone to England and Scotland. Sue me, they're my favorites. If I could have gone to Ireland too I would have had a trifecta of love but I digress. Today I'm talking Scottish books. These are my favorites and have grown my heart about 10 sizes just from reading them. When I was in Scotland earlier this year I didn't get to go to the Highlands so you can imagine how absolutely fucking mind-numbingly excited I was to be able to go this last time around! But before I knew if and when I'd ever get to see this magical place in person, I read about it...extensively.

If You Want to Travel To Scotland...

I cannot talk about Scottish historical romance without talking about my personal Queen, Julie Garwood. She writes the Highlands and her heroines and heroes like nothing I've ever read. They are amazing and I could read these books over and over, forever and ever. 

The Secret //  My first ever historical romance, this is hands down still my favorite. It has everything you want in a book and doesn't feel like a typical historical romance. It has a kickass heroine, one of my favorite heroes of all time, an amazing and true female friendship, and lots of feels. I laughed, I cried, I never wanted it to end. {Review}

Ransom // The companion to The Secret, Ransom is almost as good. I say almost because Iain and Judith forever and nothing will surpass them. This book is two for the price of one as far as romances go and it's just as hilarious with miscommunication and high handed males as the first. Love love love. {Review}

The Bride // If there is one thing all these books have in common, it's the laughter. She writes such funny situations where the heroine and hero butt heads over the most inane and ridiculous stuff. I just can't look away. {Review}

I discovered Susanna Kearsley just recently and I have no idea what I did in my reading life before I found her. I cannot say enough about the visceral and vivid imagery she evokes on her settings. Not to mention the romances she writes are subtle but poignant. These books are an experience to read because she takes you completely our of this world and into hers. The same goes for Jessica Brockmole. I read this book while I was in Scotland and visiting the Isle of Skye and it was just incredible.

The Winter Sea // If you haven't read my review of this book, I highly suggest it because it will do a lot more justice to this book than these short few sentences. Endgame? This book is incredible. My favorite read of 2016, it felt like Scotland was right in front of me and made me actually ache to go back to this beautiful land. {Review}

The Shadowy Horses // Another amazing and in-depth look at a small town in Scotland. A bit more slow-moving but it never bothered me. The way she writes these small towns make me want to pack a bag and say bye-bye, USA. One day, le sigh, one day.

The Firebird // The companion novel to The Winter Sea, we start in Scotland but move to St Petersburg, Russia but I'm mentioning it anyways. Another incredible story, amazing setting, and heartfelt romance. I cannot recommend this author enough!

Letters from Skye // A book composed entirely of letters and switching between WWI and WWII storylines, it's impossible not to feel completely enchanted and engaged with this story! I am personally obsessed with letters in books, and in general, and find them such an old-fashioned and a lost art. I loved reading this book and loved the parallels of the stories.

Maya Banks is another absolute favorite and go-to Scottish swoon factory. These books are a mix of her McCabe trilogy and my favorite of the Montgomerys. Kickass chicks, badass men, and the Highlands in the background. You can't go wrong.

Never Seduce a Scot // A deaf woman and the laird of a surrounding clan, this book hits you in the feels with how much you fall in love with the heroine and by proxy, the hero who defends her. 

Seduction of a Highland Lass // My personal favorite of the bunch and it's not just because the heroine's name is Keely and is a healer. But that's part of it. I love the nursing of the wounded warrior (in fiction, never real life). {Review}

Never Love a Highlander // Rionna is not your typical heroine, the leader of her clan, she fucking rocks. And her hero stands by while she is the authority. What is there not to love?! {Review}

In Bed With a Highlander // An adorable kid from a previous marriage, this book has a bit of subterfuge and lots of sexy times. {Review}

While this entire series by Karen Marie Moning is fantastic, minus one book but I digress, these are my three favorites. Usually always pairing a medieval Highlander with a modern day woman who falls through time for one reason or another, these books are my greatest life's wish come to life. No joke. If I disappear when I go to Scotland in a few weeks, I've fallen through time and I will not have an existential crisis, I will live happily with my Scottish brute. 

Beyond the Highland Mist // The first book of the series brings us a 21st century woman pissed off she's transported and a Highlander who is high handed to the max but wants nothing more than to win her heart. Does he?...Read on, reader. {Review}

To Tame a Highland Warrior // Forced to enter a competition to win the heroine's hand, this book will definitely keep you on your toes. {Review}

Kiss of the Highlander // A book that I didn't expect to hit me in the face with feels, it totally destroyed me in the best way. It was so romantic and beautiful and FUNNY! Def gotta re-read this before leaving. {Review}

Are you ready to feel the swoon and the soft flutter of a kilt?
Any Scottish books romance or otherwise you love?
I'd love to read them! I'll always say yes to a man in a kilt.

And don't forget to check out my favorite travel books in general!


  1. Well, you already know how much I love Julie Garwood! I'm seriously happy that you love her books as much as I do (especially The Secret and Ransom, because I will love those books FOREVER). Also, I need to read the rest of the books in this post because SCOTLAND :D

    1. Yes you do because they are all AMAZING!!!!!! And all hail Julie Garwood!

  2. Ok, I seriously need to try a Julie Garwood book. LOL
    I need to get Letters from Skye too. :)


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