Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Best of Travel {2016}

Today I'm talking about my favorite travel moments of 2016! Oh, my gosh where has the year gone!? I know I and everybody says this every year but it's so true! I remember this time last year I was preparing for my trip to the UK and Spain and ah! I cant believe that was already a year ago! I have been fortunate enough to have made a lot of fantastic travel moments this year. This was one of my favorite years of travel to date, probably because I got to go to the countries of my soul twice this year! I have been to grateful for the time I've been able to spend traveling so before I wax poetic for an hour, here are my favorite travel moments of 2016!

I flew to London on December 27th of last year but I'm still counting this because it was one of my favorite travel memories to date. Lost luggage, no sleep, and only 36 hours in my favorite city but it was worth every annoyance. It was the shortest amount of time I've ever been in London but it made it all the more sweeter. The atmosphere of Christmastime in this city was tangible to me. There was a different kind of energy in the air and when I think back on my time there it truly feels magical. Favorite, favorite, favorite moment of travel. 

Hogmanay, or NYE, in Edinburgh, Scotland is another travel memory I will cherish for the rest of my life. I have wanted to go to Scotland for so long and celebrating the New Year here was unlike anything else. And spending New Year's Day sitting on a throne set the year off on the right tone :)

Morocco was probably my newest obsession of the year. I loved the medinas, the winding streets, getting 'lost' in the marketplaces, experiencing new foods and cultures, it's everything I look for when traveling! Being able to pretend I was trying to get to Elsewhere AND live out a Britney Spears fantasy was just icing on the cake!
Recap of Chefchaouen, Fes, and Marrakech

Seville is the home of Star Wars AND Game of Thrones filming locations, eep!!! Not only does this beautiful city hold that fun fact, it is an amazing city to be in. Gorgeous architecture, amazing shops and restaurants, picturesque Spain.

Portland very quickly became my new favorite US city! I love that it's right on the water, the downtown is so freaking adorable with it's classy and elegant coastal shops. The food was incredible--hello, fish and chips!--and I had the best time here wandering around. Oh, and the cupcakes were pretty good, too!
Recap of Portland and Portland Food

Living in New Hampshire was such a great location in New England and I loved discovering the small towns around and exploring the beauty that is the northeastern part of this country. It was a rocky stay job-wise but I loved living here and being so close to so much nature beauty!

While Montreal wasn't my favorite, Quebec City was incredible! It was like I walked out of Canada and straight into an old European town. I loved walking around the shops and the waterfall was beautiful!

Cape Cod was a meeting point for Alexa, Rachel, and I and I cannot say enough how fun it was catching up with two of my closest friends I barely get to see! The city was cute and much more wooded than I had imagined--not to mention the weather was pretty eh--but the company more than made up for the subpar weather.

My sisters and Mom and flew out to New Hampshire to drive home with me--how amazing are they?!--and we stopped in Nashville on the way home for a mini-vacay. It was SO fun! The nightlife, the music, the Disney singalongs, everything was so fun and made the 18+ hour road trip home not only memorable but enjoyable.

Steph and I took a trip to the UK just a few months ago that we've been talking about forever!! Not only was it an amazing trip but getting to spend so much time with one of my closest friends that I--again--barely get to see anymore made my year! Add in to that the fact that we are both beyond obsessed with Scotland and England, it made for one of the best trips ever!

Words cannot begin to describe my love for the UK and this trip was hands down the most incredible experience of my travel life. I cannot even try to list favorite travel moments because every moment I was there made me so incredibly happy! Seeing Anne Boleyn's childhood home, experiencing the historical romance novel made incarnate that is Bath, wandering around Cardiff Bay, seeing the indescribable beauty that is the Highlands and don't even get me started on the Isle of Skye and London. I feel so blessed and grateful to have taken this trip because as a whole, it was the absolute best experience!

What are you favorite travel moments of 2016?
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  1. You have totally sold me on Hever and I simply NEED to do the Harry Potter Studio Tour!

    1. Yes you do!!!! Oh, my gosh I think I loved my walk to Hever more than the actual grounds LOL! It's quiet and lovely and quintessential England, you will love it!! And HP-obvs!

  2. I loved seeing where in the world you got to go in 2016! It's seriously fun for me to see what you've gotten up to, and to be inspired for future trips of my own <3

    1. Thanks, love! Can't wait to see where your adventures take you this year!


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