Friday, December 9, 2016

InstaLife {3}

It's been awhile since I've done one of these adn I managed to have a few photos from my last trip show up throughout for some throwback/memories/still holding on to Scotland and England any way I can! As you can see I'm definitely getting in the holiday spirit! I love this time of year, the feeling, the decorations, the ambiance, everything! I started listening to Christmas music in November and I have no shame. I hope you all are having a great holiday season so far and remember what this time of year is about no matter what you celebrate at this time of year.

Row 1
#Wanderlustwednesday throwback to the Isle of Skye because I miiiiiiiss it!! *Cries all the tears* I also posted about Scotland book recs that day so yay! // After moving home recently I've come to truly appreciate where I grew up. My hometown is technically a village whose town center that makes Stars Hollow look like a TV set...oh wait... but for real, I'll try and take better pics of the shops because it's beyond idyllic! // Christmas Cards and Hallmark Movie Channel in the house!!!!!!

Row 2
Another shot of the street we were driving on during the first snowfall! *hearts in eyes* // Throwback to a pic I found of Steph and me at Hogwarts! I uploaded all my photos to my computer and found some I didn't know were taken, it was great! // Same for this! Didn't know Steph took this at Hampton Court Palace and I loooooove it! I love in the moment shots and shots from behind.

Row 3
#Wanderlustwednesday to my favorite travel photo of all time, when I kissed a giraffe in Kenya. Miss this place so much! // A not so great day turned into a better night with a cup of tea and a romance novel. Can't go wrong // Another idyllic morning of coffee and a book while basking in the glory of newly put-up Christmas decorations!

Row 4
Royal Rummy fun at Thanksgiving with my cousins! // Token sister pic at Thanksgiving // A handmade craft at a craft barn I found a few towns over, AMAZING stuff and I can't wait to go back and look for more. I also found an amazing crown ring I wear all the time. If the crown fits...

Hope you enjoyed my most recent Instagram pics! I would love it if you checked out my other InstaLife posts and would love it even more if you followed me on Instagram! Of all the social media black holes, I'm such a huge fan of Instagram, I just love taking fun and beautiful photos! 


  1. Ah, this set of photos is so cheery! It makes me so happy to see them all lined up together like this <3 I'm totally in the holiday spirit as well, and I am milking that for all that it's worth ;)


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