Friday, December 23, 2016

Kiss List {December 2016}

Another month gone, another Kiss List obsession list! I had a fantastic month in new favorites and I am so excited to share them with you all! I am so happy to have brought this feature back and reformatted it to suit my needs because it has been incredibly easy to think of things I want to feature in each category. And can we please for one moment talk about where December went?! What the hell?! I love December and it is almost gone! PS-I am posting this about a week early because next week I have plans to feature my best of best for the year. Per the routine I'll be highlighting my favorite 2016 reads on Monday, travel moments on Wednesday, and overall reflection/favorite moments on Friday! I'm excited so I hope you check it out, without further ado...

On Repeat // It is no surprise to anyone that I love Wicked and am obsessed with the soundtrack. Since seeing the show in London I have had Defying Gravity and about 4 different live versions of it on repeat on my iPod. That and The Wizard and I is also one I gravitate--see what I did there?--towards. Every song is inspiring and fun but those two are especially moving to me. 

Kiss & Make-Up // Guys...GUYS! THIS mascara is incredible! Tarte had a deal a few weeks ago that for $59 you could get 7 full size products from a list of their choosing and their gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara has catapulted itself to my favorite and go-to mascara. I am a mascara aficionado so for me to say this is huge! Never have I been an advocate of high-end mascara because I've never noticed a difference but I do notice a difference with this! If you're makeup geek like myself you definitely need this on your radar!

Bookmarked // If you haven't read my review or my Words Have the Power to Change Us post about this book then I'll tell you here and now--again--Who's That Girl? is incredible. I love strong but imperfect female heroines. I love even more when their stories are one of self-discovery in a realistic but also humorous way. This book is fantastic and if you haven't read Mhairi McFarlane yet you need to put her on your TBR list. 

Wanderlusting // With Who's That Girl? already on my mind and my wanderlust always with one eye on the UK, it's no surprise that the book's setting in Nottingham, England, a small town north of London, has my heart already wanting to go back. I cannot get enough of English settings especially when the small town vibe comes to life. Take me back and let me live there!!!!!!

Channel Surfing // I'm late to this game per usual but I am obsessed with House of Cards! I just started season 2 and was totally enthralled by season 1. Frank's manipulation game is brilliant and on point. I love watching him take down people in his way that makes them think it was their idea. Utter. Brilliance.

What have you been obsessed with lately? Share any of my obsessions?! Let me know below! 


  1. Ahh!- I love the Wicked soundtrack. I have yet to see the play (bucket list), but the music is so good. My favorite track is For Good. :)

    1. That one is so good, too!! I love all of them so it's hard picking favorites but For Good is a great one! Love the message!

  2. Wicked is INCREDIBLE. It is, by far, one of my favorite musicals (and stories) ever, and Defying Gravity is totally my favorite song. Also, I really need to read Who's That Girl now! You and Hannah have totally raved about it.

    1. I think you will love that book! The one you read by her I think is her weakest from what I heard from, H!


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