Friday, December 2, 2016

Kiss List {November 2016}

November went so fast, I cannot believe it is December! It's crazy to me how fast time flies especially around the holidays. I am a huge fan of Thanksgiving, Fall in general, Christmas, and the entire month of December and this time of year seems to go especially quickly. It's like it knows how much I love it and goes faster to get away from my crazy love. I'm excited to talk about my favorites in books, television, makeup, music, and travel! Don't forget to tell me in the comments what you've been loving this past month!

On Repeat // Late to this train but I cannot get Katy Perry's song Rise out of my head. Yes! I'm completely aware is was the song of the Olympics but I don't care. It's super inspiring and makes me feel like I can do anything. I love listening to it when I'm working out, give me extra motivation.

Kiss & Make-Up // The Carli Byble eyeshadow and highlight palette gives me life! Perfectly pigmented, the eyeshadows are amazing. I love wearing them during the day or at night (let's be real, mostly when I'm feeling ambitious enough to do eye makeup during the day because we all know I don't go out in the nightlife). I'm not usually a huge shimmer person but these on have just a hint of shimmer. I also LOVE highlighters and these shades rock. I usually mix and match together but it's not necessary. This is the first palette where I actually use all the colors. Crazy, I know! OH, best part? It's cheap!! $14.50 at Ulta! You cannot go wrong with this, guys!

Bookmarked // I'm still on a historical fiction roll and Wildflower Hill by Kimberly Freeman was amazing. Another amazing rec by Hannah, I went into this book with zero expectations because I had no idea how a book taking place in the middle of nowhere Tasmania could be interesting. I was so wrong. It has a present day component as well and was just so engaging! I sped through this and loved every minute of it! Check out my review here if you want. *Special shoutout to another rec by Hannah that I was also obsessed with this month, It's Not Me, It's You gave me life! SO funny. Emotional but not devastating. A fantastic story about growing up and starting over. Hannah is the best!*

Wanderlusting // I'm finalizing my flight but after I finish my climb I'm rewarding myself with a few days in Rome. 30 is going to be the best yet *fingers crossed*! I haven't been to Italy in years and Rome holds a special place in my heart. My family is Sicilian and Italy and it's history and culture just get me. I cannot wait to gorge myself on pasta and gelato and ogle hot Italian men *cough* I mean, see the scenery...

Channel Surfing // The Crown on Netflix was right up my alley as I am a lover of all things English history. I thought this first season documenting Queen Elizabeth II new life as a monarch was fantastic. I loved that the show didn't pull any punches. We see her struggle, we see the cracks in her marriage, we see how being Queen is not all crowns and pretty dresses. Parts of what she goes through are ugly and her relationships become strained across all fronts. I also really enjoyed seeing what was going on in Parliament and how politics were at that time. At parts a bit slow moving but overall a fantastic show. I binged it all in 2 nights. Saturday and Sunday nights, party animal I clearly am. 


  1. I never expect to stumble upon non bookish things that I am going to immediately snag - but that palette looks amazing! yay for good but cheap makeup!

    1. Thank you! That means so much! It is seriously the best and the fact that it's so inexpensive is crazy! One of my best makeup purchases to date! Hope you find it and love it, too! :)

  2. I'm still shocked that I haven't watched The Crown yet (darn my anime binging that keeps distracting me)! But it does sound like a series that will be right up my alley once I get around to it ;)

    1. You'll find time! And anime was important! I think you'll like it once you get around to it. Slow at parts but still a great binge!


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