Monday, January 16, 2017

Find Me A Man in a Kilt

"You're not falling for me, are you, Irish?"
--Karen Marie Moning, The Immortal Highlander

Adult Paranormal Romance
Delacourte Press
288 // 394 
Publication Date
August 4, 2004 // August 28, 2007
Library // Bought
Previous Books in Series
Beyond the Highland Mist & To Tame a Highland Warrior & The Highlander's Touch & Kiss of the Highlander & The Dark Highlander

I finally continued on with my Highlanders and I was SO happy to be back in this world. The Immortal Highlander is the story most readers, including myself, have been waiting for for quite awhile. Adam Black, the immortal Fae who loves to stir up trouble, is total. And falling in love. With a human. And she's the only one who can see him. It's freaking fantastic. Gabrielle is a sidhe-seer so she can see the Fae. When Adam realizes this and goes to her for help, she punches him in the face. It's fucking amazing. She's grown up avoiding them and has been taught to stay away from them by any means necessary, so obvi she doesn't trust him. Adam is smitten. Duh. There tete-a-tete is amazing. The quote at the top is one he says to her on the reg. He's charming but soulless and therein lies the problem. For Gabrielle, it has been ingrained into her that they are soulless shells and it takes her awhile to realize he's anything but soulless. After the disappointment that was The Dark Highlander for me, this book brought me right back to life and it was so romantic. I was super emotional at the end and couldn't help but shed a few tears. My heart, you guys, my heart.

The Spell of the Highlander kept me entranced with the magic of the Highlands. This book brings us Jessi and Cian, who she discovers is trapped in a mirror for eleven centuries after somebody tries to kill her for it. They are on the run from the dark sorcerer who caged Cian in the mirror and a race against time. I loved the dynamic and banter between Cian and Jessi. He is 100% ninth century alpha Scottish laird. Wowza. It was so hot. I loved Jessi's determination to not make it easy for him and I loved the depth of his feelings and what he would do for her. It felt a little long to me but that's my only gripe.

I would like to make one general point about this series and these two books especially. If Karen Marie Moning does one thing right in all these books, it is her heroines. Her heroines are SO relatable and amazing. They are all independent but yearning for love...real love. It is definitely something I can personally relate to and I love reading them. They are just perfect to me. I mean, realistically flawed but perfect heroines.

Reserved Seating
If you love alpha males, amazing heroines, and the Highlands...this book is for you.

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