Friday, January 13, 2017

Instalife {4}

Back for another Instalife! I love these posts because I love Instagram; taking photos, highlighting what I'm reading, where I am, where I've been, I just love it! So here's what I've been up to the last few weeks on Instagram...

Row 1
Wanderlust Wednesday took me back to France thanks to a new game I play with Hannah // One of my best friend's daughter turned one this past week! Ah, she's so big and it's so beautiful to see her grow up from a premie into a little human. I'm so happy I have moved home to be a part of moments and life changes like this. Truly what it's all about! // I started my new job this week! Eep!! It's all orientation so far but it really, truly feels great to be back into a place of familiarity.

Row 2
Emma Watson singing my JAM of a song!! That reprise of that song is so relevant to my life and my ideals that it really touches a special place in my heart. Cannot wait for March 17! // Packers playoff game was a win!!! Love wearing my Aaron Rodgers jersey AND spending the morning reading that amazing book! // No Angel was a book gifted to me by Hannah for Christmas a few years ago and I finally read it and LOVED IT!!! Amazing family saga taking place in London 1900-1920s, check it out!

Row 3
Wanderlust Wednesday game with Hannah and Hungary was the choice of the day! Budapest is a beautiful city I really hope to go back to one day and explore more of that country and Eastern Europe in general. // Reading yet another Susanna Kearsley and drinking out of my new Throne of Glass mug! Amazingly thoughtful gift from my cousin who I got to read the book! // NYE was a riot at my aunts house hanging out and playing drinking games with my cousins! Not a huge party person but spending time with family was a perfect way to spend New Years...if I couldn't be in Scotland...

Row 4
Best 9 photos of 2016! Loved that so many travel moments made the list! // Wanderlust Wednesday to that day last year when I was in London! All the tears of sadness I'm not there right now! // Blogging and using my new Belle's Cafe mug!! It's HUGE and it has Belle on it which will always make t a fav!

Hope you enjoyed my most recent Instagram pics! I would love it if you checked out my other InstaLife posts and would love it even more if you followed me on Instagram! Of all the social media black holes, I'm such a huge fan of Instagram, I just love taking fun and beautiful photos!


  1. I love seeing your Instalife updates! It's always just a great way to get an overview of what's been going on with you lately <3


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