Friday, January 20, 2017

That's My Bag, Baby {1}

I'm always on the lookout for new ideas and fun posts for Fridays and after seeing Rachel's post 'What's in My Bag?', I knew I wanted to do something similar! She told me she's seen a lot of lifestyle bloggers do something like this and I am SO excited to add my bag into the ring. And if you were wondering why I titled this feature 'That's My Bag, Baby,' it's an homage to an Austin Powers quote and if you already got the reference, you are my people.

This purse from Aldo, otherwise known as carry-on luggage, is one my favorites! I got it a few years ago and still use it when I need to carry a small village with me. I was on orientation for the past two weeks and needed to pack a lunch along with everything featured so there's my rationale. I don't even think the picture does it's size justice...oops? But seriously, Aldo is usually my go-to for bags. I LOVE them, they are so chic and stylish and last forever. I highly recommend checking them out if you haven't!

Wallet--thanks, Target
Pen Pouch--thanks, Alexa  
Granola Bar--I'm infamous for getting hangry and always carry a snack
Vaseline, Clear Baby Lips, Nude Baby Lips--I'd rather leave my cell phone at home than my lip balm and yes, I carry three different kinds. It's necessary 
Antibacterial Gel--I'm a nurse, I gotta be germ free 
Travel Size Lotion--This I got from Sephora as a sample, The Healthy Body Butter, and I love this brand! I'm gonna have to investigate how much full price it is because the smell is unreal! 
Pill Tupperware--I am an old lady and always carry Excedrin, Ibuprofen and some other random crap I might need for a headache or illness 
Current Read: Mistress of Rome by Kate Quinn--I always carry my current read or Kindle with me...always 
Agenda--I'm a writer down person, not a phone calendar person 

*Not Pictured--My iPod--Yes, I still carry an iPod, I like having it separate from my phone, I'm weird and old-school like that, sorry not sorry

What do you guys carry in your bag??


  1. I always enjoy seeing these posts from my friends! It's fascinating to see what people deem important enough to carry with them every day ;) I'm even more thrilled that that pouch is still in use - because it was perfect for you! And as for my bag... Well, I'm a bit of a packhorse too so there's always a ton in there...

  2. You and me are so much alike in what we carry with us. I am known for carrying way more than necessary with me and it's basically the same things you have. Book (or two if one is almost finished), purse, planner (pen and paper are the best), keys, lotion, pills, band aids, gum, lip balm and some kind of lip color, tissues, pens, hairbrush and hair ties and my iPod too (seems like I can't mke the switch either. I bought it for my road trip across Western Australia almost 6 years ago. So it might be the memories too.) And since it's currently freezing in Austria, I also carry gloves.

  3. I love that you still carry and iPod. I lost mine years ago and still miss it. I was so nice to have something besides my clunky iphone to carry around the gym etc!

  4. I love these posts and yes, Rachel is right - lifestyle bloggers LOVE sharing what they carry (and I LOVE being a big snoop!)


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