Friday, February 3, 2017

Kiss List {January 2017}

*Token sentence about how I can't believe the first month of 2017 is already gone* I personally feel like the month hasn't flown by! Probably because I started my new job and sitting in 8 hours of orientation for 7 days will make any month seem long. With that said, with the month feeling a bit longer it was PACKED with AMAZING books! Because of that, I'm going to be doing a special Kiss List post on Monday highlighting all the incredible reads of January. The purpose for Kiss List 2.0 came about because I wanted a post to gush about my favorite book of the month that really stood out to me but this month I honestly could not choose. Once you see my pics, you'll understand if you've read any of them. But that's Monday, TODAY is about all the rest...
On Repeat // I'm still on a musical binge. I saw Aladdin the Musical in London and loved it! The songs, especially the new ones, are all fantastic. Super fun and upbeat, I love jamming out to them in my car and it makes me feel upbeat when I'm walking into work with my headphones.

Wanderlusting // I might have featured Rome in a previous Kiss List but one of my books I'm featuring on Monday is *spoiler alert* Mistress of Rome and I am obsessed with it!! It made me infinitely more excited to go to Rome this month and I didn't think it was possible to be more excited than I already am! Cannot wait to see the place my new favorite characters were!

Kiss & Make-Up // Guys. No joke, the best concealer, highlighter, undereye magic treatment I have ever used is Tarte Shape Tape! I have never been able to find a concealer that also brightened (closest is Bare Minerals under eye brightener but it didn't really conceal). It is worth ALL the hype! It's amazing! Creamy, coverage, and a highlight! It's like a big ahhhh!! Love love love!

Channel Surfing // It's no secret I'm obsessed with Bravo and Ladies of London is on it's third season and I'm beyond obsessed. I've watched it since it premiered in its first season because DUH ladies living in London! I cannot stand a few of the ladies but Caroline Stanbury is my spirit animal and idol. Bitch don't play.

Bookmarked // Stay tuned for Monday!!


  1. I love these Kiss List posts a whole lot! And that Tarte Shape Tape sounds like something I need to try, as I've been looking for a new undereye concealer :)

    1. Thank you, Lex! And it's amazing!!!! You should def check it out!


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