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"When they expect you to give up,
that's when you should put your foot down and double your speed."
--Sophie Kinsella, My Not So Perfect Life

: Adult Contemporary
Publisher: The Dial Press
Pages: 448
Publication Date: February 7th, 2017
Source: Review copy provided by publisher via NetGalley
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My Thoughts

The Belle
I've read a few Sophie Kinsella novels a few years ago and loved them but for whatever reason, I haven't read a novel of hers since. Thanks to Hannah, I requested My Not So Perfect Life and SO glad I did! I loved reading this book. The setting, the characters, the story arc, the theme of perspective, it all combined to create a fantastic book.
Let's start with the setting. Cat, formerly and sometimes Katie, is a junior research assistant at a branding firm in London. She grew up in the country and is trying hard to become a full-fledged Londoner. I can relate to her desire because she talks about loving the energy of the city, that certain something that gives her a spring in her step when she walks down the street, I understand all of this. Symptoms of a soulmate city, if you ask me but I digress. So Katie is working extremely hard trying to find her niche in this job. She's smart, creative, driven, and really wants to learn from her boss, Demeter, who is a known creative genius in the industry.

The problem? Demeter is awful. Scatter-brained, forgetful, can't remember people's names, the worst. The whole office hates her and after some financial strain she loses her job and finds herself back home in the country helping out her dad and stepmom start a glamping business on their farm. Katie, formerly Cat, fights tooth and nail against moving back home but circumstances and fate intervene. I really enjoyed her internal dialogue about her definition of failure and feeling like she's settling by moving home for awhile. Even though, as the reader, I didn't think she was failing at all, it was easy to understand her rationale.

The great thing? She's amazing at running the glamping business. She works amazing with her dad Mick and stepmom Biddy. She designs all the advertisements and they're a smashing success. I couldn't get enough of her creative energy and desire to succeed at anything she was doing. The twist starts when Demeter arrives with her family at Katie's glamping business and she takes matters into her own hands. From there we have a couple of hilarious unfortunate (sometimes fortunate) events and they're hysterical.

This is also where the tide starts to turn in a different way. Why? Because Katie starts to see not only Demeter, but herself, in a different way. The second part of the books is an eye-opening experience and I loved how everything played out. Katie's ability to see beneath the exterior and understand somebody else's point of view was beautiful. I love books like this. When we think adamantly one way about someone and perspective gives us a whole new view of them. The saying you never really know a person until you walk in their shoes rings so true with this story. And when Katie embraces who Demeter really is and what happens from there was my favorite part. I loved seeing a camaraderie among these characters, it was so fun and endearing, I couldn't get enough and I definitely couldn't put the book down!

There are is a romance in this story but it's not at the forefront and I also really enjoyed that! The romance was fun and sparky but it didn't overshadow the story as a whole. I loved that this was more about Katie, discovering her true self, and seeing the good in other people. Of course, the topic of social media and a filtered life is also a large theme in the book and I think Kinsella handled it perfectly. In a world of social media, Instagram filters, and highlight reels known as timelines, it's hard to see beneath the cut away 2x2 snapchat of somebody's life and remember nobody's life is perfect, we all have our struggles, and our not so perfect moments. I HIGHLY recommend this book to any and all readers and think everyone who reads can get something out of this!

Backstage Pass
If you love London life, farm life, and social media commentary...this book is for you!


  1. I truly enjoyed My Not So Perfect Life as well! It's been ages since I sat down to read a Sophie Kinsella story, but this definitely reminded me of why I enjoy her books so much.

    1. Same!!! I need to peek at her backlist a little deeper!


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