Monday, April 10, 2017

A Family Affair

"Reformed rakes make the best husbands."
--Julia Quinn, The Duke and I

The Bridgerton Series
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Avon
Source: Bought & Borrowed

After being pushed towards this book by Alexa and then knowing Sarah read and loved it, I knew I had to finally read the infamous Bridgertons...and it was one of those series that I WISH I would have read sooner! The prologue immediately engaged me and endeared me to the hero. Legit, almost had tears...okay maybe the vision was a little blurry. I digress. The Bridgerton family overall steals the show. Eight children ranging from 9 years old to almost 30, this family of siblings and their matriarch are amazing! Funny, honest, loyal, and did I mention funny? I loved them. I knew almost immediately I would be reading this entire series! Daphne is the heroine and fourth oldest, and in order to try and garner some positive attention on the marriage front she makes a deal with Simon to look like they are together. He never wants to get married so he doesn't want to be hassled and showing interest would keep other women off his back. Recipe for love if you ask me, and it is. I loved how they go together. I love that they both let down their guards and were so easy going with one another. I especially love when authors give us books when the couple gets together and then has to work through problems after marriage. Love love love this! If you love witty banter, sibling relations, and a bit of Victorian Gossip Girl, you need to check out this series!
Rating: Backstage Pass

Not gonna lie. After the high of The Duke and I, I had high expectations for Anthony. While I still enjoyed the story it wasn't my favorite. I felt like it dragged a bit and was boring at some points. With that said, the dynamic between Anthony and Kate was awesome. I love a good love to hate romance and the tension between these two was in spades. I also LOVED the dynamic of Kate's family. Absolutely adored her and her sister and stepmom. And of course, the Bridgerton clan, no matter who makes an appearance, always brings a stupid happy grin to my face.
Rating: General Admission

If I was disappointed in Anthony's book, Benedict's blew me away. I LOVED this! The Cinderella-inspired story warmed my heart to no end. It was beautiful and magical and so totally sigh-inducing and swoon worthy. Violet Bridgerton, the matriarch of the Bridgerton family, was a total highlight for me. She was amazing. Benedict and Sophie's love story wasn't an easy one but it was oh so worth it. Their dynamic and banter and hesitation and society rules be damned was all so compelling, I could't stop reading. I was worried the secrets and story would feel dragged out and I was pleasantly surprised that it did no such thing. A total highlight of the Bridgerton series to be sure.
Rating: Backstage Pass

This was a fantastic addition to the Bridgerton family. I was super excited to find out Penelope was the heroine. I loved getting to know her in previous books. I love the wallflower, the girl who is overlooked for one stupid reason or another, I love seeing that girl shine. Penelope shines. She shines so bright and it's a wonder and an insult to the ton that they don't see how amazing she is. Colin does. It takes him a while to admit it but he does and I love him for it. He's so protective of her and when he stands up for her I die!! I love love love it! This book was so fun to read and the secret we've been waiting for is finally revealed. Didn't see that one coming...
Rating: Backstage Pass

This was so great! Super quick read because I loved this story! Eloise's desire to make life happen and stop waiting for it to happen was something I could really relate to. I loved that she took a huge risk by going to meet Sir Phillip without having ever laid eyes on him before. Eloise was smart and witty and perfect with the children. Phillip was another story. The opposite of Eloise but her match nonetheless. His awkwardness was beyond endearing. He is a big bear of a man who doesn't know how to handle his children or say what he means. I could not get enough of his social ineptitude. They worked so well together and we all know how I feel about kids in books and every interaction with them was amazing. I loved them. I also loved the appearance of some well-meaning brothers. It was too funny for words, love them all so hard!
Rating: Backstage Pass

I was super excited to read this because prior to this Francesca and George have been kind of enigmas as far as Bridgerton's go. Not too much said about them so I was really excited to read her book. Knowing it started in tragedy, I was eager to see how Quinn would be able to make us fall in love with another man for Francesca, but have no fear. I adored Michael. He has loved Francesca since forever but would never show the barest hint of this out of deference and love for her husband, his cousin. He fought it for so long after his cousin's death and I just loved how it was a slow burn and not so obvious conclusion to the two of them. Good ole Colin did help him along and I loved seeing him in this role. Francesca was a great heroine. She is more reserved which I loved. Her independence and desire to be able to stand on her own feet was my favorite part of her personality. Her desire to want children also really endeared me to her. 
Rating: Reserved Seating

Hyacinth is a woman after my own heart and I loooooved seeing her HEA. She is witty, troublesome, meddling, and so totally unique. Her friendship with Lady Danbury was probably my favorite part. She and the older woman were perfectly matched in their scheming in intelligence. I loved that she ended up falling for her grandson. Gareth was complicated and I just adored how he indulged Hyacinth and loved her for exactly who she is. He loved her and appreciated her because of her uniqueness not in spite of it. Their dynamic was one of dense wit and playful annoyance, I couldn't get enough of them. And I cannot get enough of Lady Danbury. That is all.
Rating: Backstage Pass

This book felt super quick to me as the drama and angst is pretty tense throughout, I had to know how it ended. I adored Lucy. Her quirks and intelligence and desire for order was OCD to the definition but it's what made her so endearing. Her loyalty to her best friend and beauty of the ton Hermione also sold me on her. She was the friend, the girl nobody fell over themselves for, the debris caught in another's least that's how she saw herself. I LOVED her because I know the feeling. Gregory was a perfect historical romance hero complete with grand romantic gestures. He, like any man, was an idiot at first but he totally made up for it in the end...more than some. The loyalty between the friends in Lucy's life was such a great addition to this story.
Rating: Reserved Seating

The Bridgertons are a class act and if you love historical romance, this is a series you have to have on your must-read list!

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  1. I am ridiculously thrilled that you enjoyed the Bridgerton series so much! It was one of the first full HR series I ever read back in the day, and I still harbor so much affection for that family <3


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