Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Adventures in the Great Wide Somewhere // Best of Mt. Kilimanjaro

After recapping my experience on climbing Mt Kilimanjaro last week, I wanted to highlight my favorite photos from my trip. It's no secret I love taking photos. I love Instagram. I love grabbing good angles, experimenting with selfie angles, and shamelessly asking people to take photos of me from behind. What can I say? I love that look! It's definitely an amateur hobby but I love taking and sharing photos so I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from my eight days on the mountain. Definitely leave some love down below if you enjoy them!

Day 1
Rainforest climate

 Day 2
Heath and Moorland climate
First view of the mountain!

Day 3
End game? The top of that.

Pondering deep thoughts obviously

Day 4
Who else see's Christoph's family from Fronzen?

The climb to Lava Tower begins 

Day 5
The post-Barnaco wall fog

SO excited for Summit Day! T-minus 2 days!

Day 6
Miss this view...the tent? Not so much

Day 7
Best cup of tea and view I'll ever have

Queen of the Mountain

View from the top

The fact that I was on top of that monster no less than 8 hours before is insane. Spoiler alert: The climb down was worse IMO
 Day 8
Back to Rainforest climate...

Hope you enjoyed my photos! If you want to see more, check out my Instagram

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  1. I really love seeing your travel photos! Some of the trips you take are so freaking incredible, and since I may never end up doing them (like this one, for instance), I live vicariously through them <3


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