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Adventures in the Great Wide Somewhere // From Page to Plane with The Empress of Rome Series

Daughters of Rome // Empress of the Seven Hills // Lady of the Eternal City
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 400 // 486 // 512
Source: Bought
Publisher : Berkley
Previous Book in Series: Mistress of Rome

Daughters of Rome was the book in the series that seemed out of place upon reading the synopsis. We go backwards in time to the Year of the Four Emperors and it wasn't until maybe a quarter through the book did I see the brilliance behind this book and how it fit into the series. We get too not only see this horrific year of betrayal and blood and four different emperors, we get to meet four incredible women who helped influence Rome at this precarious time. Cornelia, Marcella, Lollia, and Diana were amazing. All unique and all brilliant. I loved seeing their strengths and weaknesses highlighted throughout this year and how quickly their fortune turns depending on who is ruling. I won't give away too much of the plot because it is truly too dramatic and incredible to believe. I was blown away by how invested I was in this book I didn't think even fit into the series. It was completely addicting and I already plan on re-reading this book and Mistress of Rome in the near future because of how well they truly do fit together
Rating: VIP

Empress of the Seven Hills brings us back to the 'present' or continuing storyline from Mistress of Rome. This book and the next follows Vix, son of Arius and Thea. He wants to make a name for himself in Rome and travels there to do so. His POV might be the best ever. He's arrogant, funny, self-deprecating, and honest and in a world of smooth-talking Senators and ambitious snakes, his honesty is refreshing. This book follows up on the adorable first kiss of Vix and Sabina that we saw in Mistress of Rome. I was so pleased to see these two characters meet again and see that their yougn adolescent puppy love was not for naught. Their relationship is dynamic, intense, and never, ever easy. Sabina is very pragmatic in her actions. She knows what she wants and see things in a very simplistic yet complex light. This drives Vix insane but love never does make sense. Their tumultuous relationship spans many years and over the course of this book we see so much history in action. The Dacian wars are an enthralling read. The descriptions of the legions and how Rome's infamous armies function. I find all this fascinating. Kate Quinn truly brings history to life with these books and I just couldn't put them down. But while so much plot and history and politics is prevalent, I loved the overall theme of Vix and Sabina's relationship. Especially as the next book progresses...
Rating: Backstage Pass

Lady of the Eternal City will always hold an extra special place in my heart because I read it while I was in Rome. The history of this city was brought to life in my mind and then right in front of my eyes. Tours of the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill were a perfect complement to this book as I finally got to see the real places Emperor Trajan, Hadrian, and Domitian walked. I got to walk in the footsteps of Emperors and gladiators alike. I got to see the Tower that was built over 2000 ago to honor Emperor Trajan for the Dacian Wars. It was indescribable. And the book was just as good. Spanning years, like Empress of the Seven Hills, we continue to see where Vix and Sabina, Hadrian and Titus end up. Their journey is never easy. The drama real. The wars inevitable. And the love always present. So much happens in these books and they took turns I never thought they would but overall, I loved how these ended. I loved that certain things were bittersweet but it all felt organic and made complete sense for the story. I really can't say too much because I don't want to give anything away but I loved how Quinn weaved real history and stories of this time into a perfectly plotted fictional story. I feel the best historical fictions are like this. They have true elements but the creative liberties taken suited history perfectly. If you love Ancient Rome, want to know more about Ancient Rome, or just want a really great story...this series is for you!
Rating: Backstage Pass

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  1. Reading your thoughts on this series had two specific effects on me:

    1) I wanted to read the entire series.
    2) I wanted to go back to Rome again.

    So, if you were trying to sell me on these books, you've succeeded ;) They sound really good! They'll probably take me longer to get to (and read), but I think it'll definitely turn out to be worth it if I end up loving them as much as you did.


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