Monday, April 24, 2017

From The Stars, To The Stars

"He'd been nothing but an angry boy in the shadows for so long...
A boy who'd thrived in the shadows.
Now he had to live in the light.
To live...fiercely.
To fight for every breath."
--Renee Ahdieh

: YA Fantasy
Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers
Pages: 420
Publication Date: April 26th, 2016
Source: Bought
Previous Books in Series: The Wrath and the Dawn
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My Thoughts
The Belle

Listen. Y'all know I keep it real here. Today I'm going to be reviewing The Rose and the Dagger but I have almost zero words for a real review so I'm going to tell you the Top Five Reasons You Need to Read The Rose and the Dagger.

1. The Writing is Visceral
This actually shouldn't come as a surprise if you've read the first book but I'll say it again because it's necessary to reiterate the pure and intense beauty that is this writing. You feel it. It seeps off the pages right into your heart and soul. Very few reading experiences would prompt me to say this. But the actuality of it is real. This writing is unique and special and might not be for everyone but I am buying what Ahdieh is selling and asking for more.

2. The Love is Loyal
A surprising and very enjoyable aspect to this story was the plot was not focused on the relationship between Shazi and Khalid. While it is obviously a component the conflict did not derive from it. Mild spoiler but I think fans of the series will be pleased with this. I was. I really love seeing a couple be a couple and work through extraneous problems together rather than be at odds with themselves. There is never a question as to where their loyalties lay and I appreciated this more than I could say.

3. The Struggle is Real
The conflict that does occur is very real, very scary, and very bad. The forces at work against the politics of Khalid in intense. Many moments I thought to myself, holy shit how are they getting out of this one? I love that feeling and watching our hero and heroine defy the odds and beat their enemy. Not saying it's an easy place to get to but the beauty is in the details and Ahdieh does not skimp on those delicious details. The political strife and intelligence of the conflict was fantastic and perfect to the story.

4. The Plot is Paced Perfectly
There wasn't any moment or fear of falling into a lull of unnecessary plot with The Rose and the Dagger. There is SO much that happens but it all is paced and explored to perfection that you are never bored and you are never questioning why one part of the plot wasn't developed fully. This is action-packed without being overkill, amazingly complex and deep without being overly verbose in detail. Fan-freaking-tastic.

5. The Angst is Alone
As I said above the relationship drama is to a minimum and I loved this. There is no unnecessary angst. The angst that does occur is legitimate to the story and doesn't always involved our main players. I can't say more as to avoid spoilers but know the conflict is legit and cohesive and organic to the story without any unnecessary drama.

Backstage Pass
If you love visceral writing, amazing relationship dynamic, and magic carpets...this book is for you.

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