Monday, April 3, 2017

I Heart Drew Evans 4Ever

"Mackenzie raises her hand proudly. 'I have a bagina.
I smirk. 'Yes, you do sweetheart. And someday, it’s gonna help you rule the world.'"
--Emma Chase, Tangled
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Gallery Books
Pages: 232
Publication Date: May 20th, 2013
Source: Gift from my Mom for Christmas :)
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My Thoughts

The Belle
After going through a string of DNFs on the romance front, I felt like Rudy Steiner. I needed a win, you guys. Enter Emma Chase and Tangled. I got this book for my birthday and was saving it for a time when I needed a good book, a 100% success of a read. Tangled did not disappoint. Oh. My. Gosh. You guys. It was SO funny. Perfect. The story is told from Drew's POV and it is just too good. He is a guy. He is blunt. He is raunchy. He is unapologetically only after one night stands one to two times a week. He never leads girls on but he always leaves them behind. Until he meets Kate Brooks. The newest associate as the investment banking firm he works at. He has a rule that he never shits where he eats but she is an exception he's willing to make...there's just one problem. She's engaged.

From there we see Drew and Kate working together as a team. A very reluctant team at first but they each makes strides in tolerating each other. Yes, ladies and gentleman. This is a prime example of hate to love and I adored every single second of it. These two LOATHE each other. They yell, scream, fight, it's awesome. The sexual tension is on another level. But Drew does respect her boundaries--kind of, for the most part--but things still get complicated. Their romance and dynamic isn't easy but it is so worth it. The hate to love is on freaking point.

The best part of this book for me was reading from Drew's POV as he descends into the love tunnel. He has never felt this way before and seeing his perspective and how he thinks was just too amazing to put into words. Honestly, you have to read it. He's so filthy and harsh but it's so funny because it's honest. It's exactly how I would think guys think and understand things.

My other favorite part? The secondary characters. Specifically, Drew's sister, otherwise known as The Bitch. I'm not kidding. He refers to her as that the entire book. It's amazing. She is this badass, take no shit, give zero fucks woman. I wanna be here when I grow up. Her persona is legendary among Drew and his friends. They KNOW not to mess with her. I think I found a kindred spirit in The Bitch known as Alexandra. She is married to Steven, another I-banker and Drew's friend, and they have a daughter Mackenzie who is another hilarious addition to the story. Drew is enthralled by her and their interactions stood out because they are too freaking funny. It was a thousand kinds of adorable.

I read this book in one sitting. I had errands to do. I ignored them all because once I started I couldn't stop. It. Was. Amazing. I HIGHLY recommend this book for basically anything with a heart and soul. 

Backstage Pass
If you love honest males, hilarious commentary, and love...this book is for you.

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  1. First of all, I think it's hilarious as hell that the 'bitch' is named Alexandra.

    Anyway, I had this one a couple of years ago, but ended up culling it at the time because I didn't feel like reading it. I kind of regret that now considering you seem to have really liked it AND it's hate-to-love. I guess this means I'll have to find some way of re-acquiring it ;)


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