Friday, April 7, 2017

Itinerary Update {5}

Hello, friends! It's been awhile! Hope you're all still here...was anybody there to begin with? Oh, well. Per usual, after a trip it takes me awhile to get back into a blogging routine, it's one of my many flaws. I just keep reading and writing reviews and just never schedule them. No idea why I do this when all the hard work is already done. Oy vay. 

What's new with me? I got back from my birthday trip a few weeks ago! It was so much fun! Rome was incredible and I found new restaurants and places I haven't been before. I also was able to see different parts of the Colosseum that were previously and currently off-limits unless you book a special tour. AND!!! I succeeded in climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and it was hands down the most amazing and incredible thing I have ever done in my life. It was 8--long--days and we summited on Day 7 and I actually reached the top! I say actually because nothing about that climb is a guarantee. Two people in my group of seven alone didn't make it to the top due to acute mountain sickness so shit is real up there to put it in perspective. I'll definitely be writing a post about it and including pictures--goal is to have it up next week Wednesday for Adventures in the Great Wide Somewhere--so hopefully y'all stay tuned for that! I don't really know what I want to write about it so if y'all have any suggestions of what you wanna hear I'll do whatever. Otherwise I'll just do a quick write-up of what it was like/how I felt going up. *shrugs*

Work has been great. I've only got a few more shifts left before I'm off orientation and all on my own. It's so odd to have such a long orientation after travel nursing where I literally got 2 shifts and then it was good luck, don't kill anybody. Permanent jobs take their time with you, lol, so I had 25 shifts by comparison. I'll be in float pool which I'm really excited about because I'll be able to go to any floor in the hospital that isn't an ICU. I'm a bit nervous as I always want to do a great job as a nurse and will still feel out of sorts for awhile because of the fact I'll be going everywhere and not really have a home. I know I'll eventually get used to each floor once I've been there a few times each but I'll get there! 

With that said, I finally got my schedule of which days of the weekend program I'll be working (weekend program by choice, long story) so that means I can start planning new trips! Eeep! I just booked a flight to go see Hannah in Atlanta and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!! I cannot wait to finally hang out with one of my best friends in person and meet her new baby. Okay, so he's not that new of a baby anymore but still. I've been going nutso looking at Skyscanner and the Southwest sale like, hmm maybe I'll go to Aruba or Costa Rica between my weekends in the fall. I REALLY wanna go to Iceland and Vancouver with this schedule! I'm hoping to get a weekend off in fall so I can *covers face for a moment* go back to the UK for a week. I seriously love it there so much I want to make it an annual trip and see new cities there while I have the time and money and no chains here...yet.
Speaking of chains, or rather lack thereof, still nothing on the romantic front. I know my other single ladies out there can commiserate with me, I finally bit the bullet and tried online dating. It's been...interesting to say the least. Not gonna lie guys, it's a sad, sad world to pick from out there. I'm trying to keep an open mind but it's led to a few disastrous and hurtful conclusions so I really can't seem to do anything right in regards to this aspect. Le sigh. Maybe someday. SO until then I guess I'll just book plane tickets solo even though for like the first time in my life I've started thinking, hmm, it might be really nice to have somebody to plan a trip with...Yeah, I think that'd be kinda nice. But until then... *Already picturing myself on the beach in Aruba solo with a drink in my could be a worse life*

So yeah, I think that's it! Reading some great books, trying to plan some fantastic trips, and working to make that dolla holla. Until next time, guys!


  1. Congrats on making it to the summit! I'm excited to read about the experience (however you're able to talk about it haha). It's awesome you're finding a home back at home! I hope the online dating picks up. I've heard it's really hard at first but you'll get into a groove :) My friend met her current boyfriend on Tinder actually and he's a super nice guy. (Just to prove that not ALL people on there want only a hookup haha)

    1. Thanks, Lauren!!!!! Ah, Tinder. Haven't had the best luck on that but I definitely know people who it's worked for. The lucky ones!!!

  2. I want to click a heart so I can love this post. lol. That is amazing that you reached the summit. I'm not sure I could do that. I just went to Rome for the first time in November and absolutely loved it. I'm like you, a single lady who loves to travel. I'm booking a trip to the UK this fall and cannot wait. It'll be my third time in London & hopefully I can work out something to make it to Ireland and Versailles. I hope you have wonderful amazing adventures wherever you decide to go.

    As for being a nurse, you're my hero. What nurses do is nothing short of spectacular. Thank you for doing what you do. I hope you like your new position :)

    1. As, thank you Kathleen! I wish I could heart this comment because it was so thoughtful and made my day! I loved Rome and yay for the U.K.!! It's my favorite place in the world so I hope you have the best time! And wow, thank you for your kind words about being a nurse! Not a glamorous job to say he least and it's usually thankless so thank YOU for your amazingly kind words!!


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