Friday, April 14, 2017

Words Have the Power to Change Us // JR Ward and The Chosen

As we all know, the Black Dagger Brotherhood is my all-time favorite series. It just connects with me and speaks to me on a very deep level for whatever reason. The characters feel like family, the story that JR Ward tells goes beyond the conventional paranormal romance genre, and every time a new book comes out it feels like coming home.

I'm going to go super emo about this quote because I think the quote speaks for itself and says everything. I will say that when I read this I had only my second moment ever of dumbfounded stunned silence while reading because this quote states exactly how I feel some/most of the time. It's like Ward had looked directly into my heart and wrote these words for me. However, I think most single women, especially perpetually single ones, can relate to this quote. It's honest. It's brutal. It's heart-breaking. But it's real.

Thank you JR Ward for writing this and understanding a single girl's heart.


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